So she calls him and warns him not to interfere in her life, even if she is dead. Mannu accepts Mikael’s condition to leave Salahuddin in exchange for the children back but after spending time with Tipu and Tania, he realises that his presence in their life is dangerous and instead asks Salahuddin to leave with the children. Her recent outings on ARY were things I hope never happen again. So Manahil’s father says that if he doesn’t need Manahil, then Manahil doesn’t need him either, and she will get divorce. Ruhi drama propels ‘YHM’ on Monday”. Jul 01, Hum TV puts in punch on Monday”.

Salah-ul-Din assures his father that there is nothing between him and Manahil. Manahil visits Rabiya and lies about her life that she is very happy and tells her about her new life. Manahil’s life gets worse and she takes help from her children, leading them to fall for each other once again. I have this feeling that originally the story was supposed to be wrapped in 30 episodes only but the popularity of the show made the channel milk as much as they could out of it. Salahuddin starts to take care of Rehman while Manahil marries Mikaeel who proves to be an abusive husband and also who has a gambling problem. Will there ever be an end to this dragged drama?

Mann mayal is a over- hyped, melodramatic drama. Mikaeel’s father threatens to disown him, so in fear of being disowned, Mikaeel fakes to agree to go to office.

Retrieved 24 May Before Manahil’s arrival at the hospital, Salahuddin gets all the arrangements ready like Manahil’s doctor, hospital bills, delivery room. Unable to understand he tries to focus on what she said in hospital that night before being taken to surgery and remembers her, being saying “I will keep myself away from you forever”, he then rushes to his mother.

She burst into tears csst her parents in-law and decides to leave Mikaeel once and for all. Enjoy the Drama on WordPress.

Hareem and Ali Rehman. Retrieved 1 March Jeena calls Manahil, to convince him that only way knterview get money from Salahuddin is to take Manahil back and she also instruct Jameel to take children and Manahil in a park, without telling her real motive. Retrieved 7 September There is a lot to confuse the viewer in this drama. So she calls him and warns him not to interfere in her life, even if she is dead.


God knows the 33 episodes for DeD turned out to be quite exhausting xD Thanks a lot for this! Manahil calls her family, and tells them that a “baba ji” Salahuddin advised her to call her parents regularly. Lol at Sallu Bhai … I am guessing you mean Hamza? Salahuddin and Rehman grow closer to each other which upsets Cookie. And this is what is happening with TV drama Mann Mayal.

Manahil gets excited and asks her to call her if something happens. All International broadcasting aired the series in accordance with their standard times.

So Jameel becomes a temporary servant at Mikaeel’s home. Too many things unfolded too soon, the drama is good but lacking the intensity intervieew a good directed drama.

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Jun 30, He visits her where she shuts the door after seeing him, she asked him to go and reminiscence how once she left her house for him and he didn’t open the door and complains how he ruins their life, Salahuddin then apologizes to Manahil for not making right decisions and both reconcile proclaiming their love for the one last time.

But Rabiya doesn’t call her, and she waits all night. Salah-ul-Din tells him that he would break interviee the engagement if he has to.

This is called acting – what they say – doob jana. Salah-ul-Din sister Rabiya calls him to leave Manahil, and move on with Jeena and informs about their intervjew coming to Karachi.

Rabiya invites Manahil over for dinner and there Manahil and Salahuddin meet. She calls him at night and asks if she can come over for iinterview office work.

Director Haseeb Hassan Talks about Mann Mayal

After one year, Manahil is pregnant and back home for the baby’s birth. At times the plot and its plausibility are also off. I couldn’t figure out Bea’s character too – nothing had happened to her, manb wasn’t doing anything except maybe giving expository remarks to Salahuddin – Who knows, maybe she too is married by now: Best Writer Drama Serial. This one photo in your awards article had Laila and Sohaib but the caption said: Anyway, for to the cynical Mann Mayal may seem a tad derivative and a little too familiar but If the audience is uninterested in looking for something fresh or authentic why should the drama makers innovate at all?


To trap Jamil and take him out of the picture, Jeena falsely blames him for trying to molest her after which Salahuddin fires him. With a main character as ineffectual as Salahuddin, someone with a backbone had to step up. This girl Mannu doesn’t know how to cry either, she needs to get help from no other than the girl from Maryam – some Hocaine!! Jameel becomes a temporary servant at Mikaeel’s house on Salahuddin’s order.

Jeena tries to get more along with Salahuddin and that’s when he gets maywl know that she casg him.

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Salahuddin and Manahil keep looking at each majal, even though they were sitting in separate rooms. Jenna begins her conspiracies by luring Jameel into their fake relationship and turns Salahuddin’s mother against Mannu who later realises Jeena’s motive and apologised to Manahil.

She then lives in an abusive marriage, while Salahuddin succeeds in his ambitions. Will there ever be an end to this dragged drama? View all posts by Sadaf.