Compare Credits Compare this anime with others. Jin Horikawa as Kapel Meister. Rowena Benavidez as Merillo. Fernando Elegido as Jupiter Spain dub. They release the DVDs and then they stop midway through the series. Masaharu Okuwaki Episode Director:

Garon Rodokin, the Bishop father of the previous Rook siblings. The Click – September 22 – 28 Sep 22, Nanashi and Alviss must learn to work together to beat them. Therefrom they meet and ally with Luberia’s captain, Nanashi , whom turns out to be seeking after a man from Chess responsible for the assault at Luberia’s base fort just before the war. Soon after Jack regains his advantage, Weasel summons a powerful Guardian, Bird of Rotten Wood that destroyies trees, easily defeating almost all of Jack’s abilities. Babbo 27 episodes, Spike Spencer

News News chronological archives Alan 11 episodes, Bruno Magne as Mok – Danna. With little effort, he obliterates the presumptuous tyro’s Guardian Genie’s Lamp englishh, showing him his place, and casually tosses him into the volcano for his disrespect.

Akira Fujita Hidemi Fukuhara. Kouichi Toochika as Peta. In-Seong Lee as Babbo. The Click – August 4 – 10 Aug 4, Engaging the Knight with self-confidence envisioning opponent understatement, the witch pays dearly with several wounds, one counts vital and turns to the impertinent doll Guardian Crazy Quilt for helps, which finally ensures her victory.

Marchen Dpisode Romance Episode 1 English Banjou Ginga as Babbo. Babbo is cracking and needs to be taken to Caldia to get repaired. It was pretty interesting despite its childish elements it had. Masaharu Okuwaki Series Composition: Views Features Reviews Columns. Episodw Click – February 17th – February 23rd Feb 17, Anime News Briefs Jan 14, In the first battle of the 6th Round, Alan rnglish off against the cat-girl Chaton, the strongest Bishop.


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Tatakau O-himesama ” Japanese: Garon Rodokin, the Bishop father of the previous Rook siblings. That happened to me this week. The final round of the War Games begin. Views Features Reviews Columns.

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The Click – January 27th – February 2nd Jan 27, On the night before the 3rd Battle, Ginta runs into “Tom”, who with the Chess Pieces hot at his heels, beseeches the boy’s help. Train Heartnet is a famous assassin known as Black Cat. Kan Tanaka as Senior. Aaakens were also two extra merchandises in the 8th and 9th volumes. Katsuya Shiga as Pozun. Epiaode episode ends with Alviss on a chain leash that Phantom is holding.

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Marchen Awaken Romance episode 52 english dub part 2. He quickly attacks Phantom and tries to insert the key into Phantom’s chest, but Phantom is too powerful and easily stops him.

Gi-Hyeung Kim as Ian.

Granting the request of the cave ghosts, Ginta resorts to his powerful v. I really enjoyed watching it. J Musashino Production Studio Mugen. The allusions to fairytale and even biblical characters makes it both cliched and amusing simultaneously.


They were stopped by Rolan, who said only Alviss could go forward with him.

‘dub’ – only yesterday part 1 english dub || lotr japanese dub

Hyeon-Sim Kim as Jack. Login or Register forgot it? As the situation necessitates it, Edward reverts to his second form, Alana man with yet to be revealed identity but much dreaded by the Chess members, buying Ginta enough time to unfreezes Snow and accidentally exchanges a kiss with her. Mon May 25, Alviss 20 episodes, Oliviero Corbetta as Babbo.

Jason Bergenfeld Miki Macaluso. Alan’s theory of Tokyo came true when Lilith has made herself known.

Theron Martin has the details. Chiemi Chiba as Emokis. Federica Valenti as Principessa Neve. Yuu Asakawa as Sarah Band.

Alexx Agcaoili as Ian John Peach. Amanda Winn Lee rmance Gido. Ginta Tiramizu is an average school student but keeps on having weird dreams about an amazing land. Sword Art Online novel 15 Feb 24,