So stupid, my 3rd Turkish show that i am watching and has a very negative ending.. And he was gone n got hurt. I skipped a lot towards the end.. If there is episode 2 , please netfllix purchase this. For the writer, I hope you will give Sinan a chance to be happy, find a girl who will love him truly not like Mine no backbone and a chance to enjoy his son. Dern did not shoot Sinan. I spent a couple of days searching the internet for a second series and finally came across a review which said that unfortunately the show had been axed in Turkey.

The girl that kept giving him so much trouble is the killer and she is caught and is hung. I stayed up all night watching. I do not like the way season one ended so I am hoping there will be a season 2. Athina P April 15, at 6: This is my one complain becos I am watching tv and yelling at the same time saying to the characters, what are you waiting for, go hug the girl and kiss her now!!! Urdu 1 turns to be a winner Azhar Iqbal Year ago. Sabina February 16, at To make such a role interesting is the hallmark of great acting in my mind.

Not happy with the ending.

Rose April 26, at 6: Express Entertainment hosts some very informative, interesting, and unique transmission time to time. I am so sad because its literally turjish worst ending that could possibly happen. This was my 2nd TurkishTV drama series I watched. Carolyn Harper April 11, at 8: She loved him so much but it just wasnt meant to be.

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He loved her from the first time he saw her, did he do some things that was underhanded yes, but I was rooting for him all the way. So many emotional things going on.


Do not blame netflix on the turksih ending. In order to save the life of Mine, Timur accepts to get married to her and take the responsibility for the baby. Please make a Season 2. Are there more episodes? Mine was so long faced all of the time.

His is not love but an obsession he has for this girl from the first time he laid eyes on her. Follow Us Socially Subscribe Here I was very disappointed in this ending. I finished all episodes in a month. Marilyn craft May 3, at I started watching Turkish serials on Netlifx starting with Calikusu with the help of subtitles. Like actors, Timur, Mine, Sinan, Hasan etc. She was an outcast till Timur came along and married her; but he too was in love with her, so Sinan never knew of this because his scheming father made him leave for America.

His father was surprised that he felt no remorse for killing Emine as he thought she was dead. I feel great sadness for her sister Emine.

I loved the story but it sucked the end of the story. I could not stand. I loved this movie but very disappointed in the ending — have also noticed that these Turkish movies have only 1 season and never end the story, good or bad mrenay must end.

Karin September 9, at 9: Pakistan Drama TV ratings: This is so disappointing, I am dramw at the ending I will not watch another Turkish series again!

That is the same but true story at least. I think Derin killed Sinan or maybe he is not dead?


Express Entertainment

Please please let ne know if there is a Season 2!! Timur deserves to Marry Mine. Next Turkish series I watch if I bother I will goggle first to see if further series are available and also check any blogs to see what others have to say ….

Furthermore, Turkish tv love scenes is a whole lot better than American tv soap opera. Moral character is far more important in lasting marital happiness, and it requires eisode.

Will there be any more? Does anyone know the lyrics to the theme song? Major examples of such special transmissions by Express Entertainment include Pakistan Ramadan and Eid special transmissions.

The Girl I Loved (Bir Cocuk Sevdim)

Famous Faces on Express Entertainment: He threatened that no one actually knew what he was really capable of to his wife. Forget about Timur being evil … and all the not-so-nice people with hidden evil agendas …what really bothers me is Mine making a mockery of true love … How drana she fall for Timur while supposedly she loves Sinan so much? Cevdet Mercan Screen Writer: The Girl I Loved has great actors and writers. Faye October 6, at Urdu 1 turns to be a winner Azhar Iqbal Year ago.