Burning Night Video Comics were released. At least something came out of it at all. After last week’s preview, I though that there would be more drama in this episode. And we liked it! At least the DBZ Fight was only a minute or so. Noa takes the show in a strange direction, and I don’t exactly like it. Then she grabs his arm without thinking

Standard beach episode in non-standard version? We also had to make sure that none of the pins had become opened and might stick the fans reaching into the bowls, although these buttons usually kept their pins closed — unlike some other exhibitors with buttons with straight pins. I also raged when Noa suddenly grew boobs and DAT ass! Mamiya seems to like Hayama, but doesn’t seem to know he’s a cross dresser. We had lots of them at the Comic-Con, and a diminishing number at the and Comic-Cons. All swimsuits were OK except did not like Michiru’s one.

MM! Episode 7 Discussion

Dedicated To Classic Cartoons: There ,m a scene cut where the crowds were cheering Raoh as King, is a large man with big nose crushing the head of a chanter. The Robotech Masters 1and Robotech: But no, just no: It is growing on me and becoming one of my favorites.

We ended up with about a dozen employees overall, most in the new Streamline 3-D division. Ah, so stupid and entertaining! Despite what has been said on Retro Junk and elsewhere about MGM doing the subtitling inthis was the same subtitled print that TMS had been showing in This gets weirder and nm for me.


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epiwode ROFL This show just turned my yawns to laughs. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. He has written about anime or peisode books for publications ranging from Animation Magazine and Alter Ego to Starlog. And we liked it! Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. I think it’s just whenever Noa has an episode, she makes the show just go completely freaking insane. If you clicked on this spoiler, you either a accidentally thought it was a screenshot.

We had definitely stopped attending as an exhibitor byalthough Carl and I still attended as individuals. Kinda feel that Yuuno is getting way too much screen time with Tarou. Also, a plus for Yuuno’s little tsundere scene at the festival.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It always made me wonder what kind of world existed beyond what was shown in the movie. We matched this material against the English track re-recorded off a 16mm print.

But i’m afraid they’ll make Mio show some more affection for Tarou, wich can only ruin episode and bring needless “drama”. Though we are missing that in this show. When I got a used LaserDisc copy off eBay years back, I was impressed to see a far-better transfer of the film than before the blacks are black and not blue and the sound was in stereo too!

Love this Yuuno expression and Dem Apron!

Streamline Pictures – Part 3

Jerry Beck, Sally last name? That must be a very RARE release. Paramount Sales News Noa takes the show in a strange direction, and I don’t exactly like it. Despite how atrocious that dub maybe, I still enjoy it. Also, did anybody think that the beach fight was a parody of Goku vs Vegeta?


It gets better and better after each episode. I was kind of disappointed but it was still a nice nice one, except for the DBZ fight.

Carl called everyone into the lunchroom and announced that Streamline had a brand-new logo. Yes, I’m blatantly advertising, but that’s what makes it fun. Oh and in the improvising suddenly. Holy crap, where’d Noa’s flat chest go? December Streamline began to release the Robotech series on video, with the regular series Robotech: P and, of course, lots of fanservice that naturally comes with beach episodes: Macross 1, Robotech Perfect Collection: And all role play-thing sure was nice.

Carl worked out a very favorable deal; a contract was drawn up; and just as Carl was about to sign it, he asked to reread it. Southern Cross 1and Robotech Perfect Collection: March Lensman was released as a bilingual laser disc by Lumivision. It was too mysterious for most fans. Your email address will not be published.