This plugin will greatly enhance your daily workflow and will change the way you work in Cinema 4D! Available for Mac and PC. Hide and Seek is our new project management plugin for Cinema 4D! The Join mode creates a new segment between connected points. The results can also be saved in a seperate multi-pass layer for use in compositing. With this plugin you can also quickly and easily assign the available passes, delete unnecessary or select objects to which it are assigned. PixelBerg is a realtime viewport renderer for C4D aimed mainly at realtime artists.

Cinema 4D R12 and up with MoGraph module installed. Delete Removing passes is also organized very convenient. Blackstar XRef Shader Plugin. Modify Voxels using either Efectors of standard defromers or super fast inbuild noise. I recommend all his plugs to anyone using R7 or R8. At the time, I was working three jobs and missed the request for doing this in Cinema 4D.

Direct Editing Sintrix plots are incredibly lightweight. By Guest, April 1, By Guest, April 4, But now you can do it with this a little but very useful plug-in! Save a ton of plugn by never digging through your object manager again!

You can edit many parameters of diagram during generation. Quickly find and edit any element e. Cinema 4D R12 and up with MoGraph module installed. It is not a new importer!

Choose your own overwrite-material. What do you think? Tools4D Smart Shaders Type: Works in R13 and plkgin. Smart Shader Manager An efficient overview of all your shaders and materials, with the smart shader list and smart filter. See the Video on Vimeo or on the homepage http: Have fun and I sincerely hope that you find many uses for Unfurl. Happy Little Paint Shader.


Any how, this plugin is FREE.

free MOCCA setup plug-in available : Cinema 4D

They safely send all your settings plugij our servers and store the rendered frames automatically on your hard drive. This can be done via a allocation table or automatc. The results can also be saved in a seperate multi-pass layer for use in compositing.

Please check the list for upcoming implementations. Profile spline can be any kind of spline that you can image, however it must be a closed spline.

Regex Renamer is a Python command plugin, that allows for utilizing Python’s powerful “re” module to perform regular expression based searching and replacing within object names. An amazingly fast voxelizing Generator which converts io or static polygon objects into voxelized objects interactivly and with great speed, whilst retaining UV coodinates.

By Guest, October 31, I’d send him more money but he keeps giving them away!

Cinema 4D Plugin database with links to developer’s site and version compatibility. This plugin is based on the CheckMate Pro Specification.

Hi Jannis, I just checked out your website and flipped through your head modelling tutorial. By tundrasDecember 12, By Guest, April 29, It’s less frustrating to give them away and to know a lot of people are actually using them than to sell just a few copies. Like cinrma ‘Source’ falloff shape in Mograph effectors, but super! By InkedInBloodApril 2, I think that sounds great.

free MOCCA setup plug-in available

Pluvin take some time to reorganize my site, but it should be done by the beginning of next week. The plugin blurs bright areas in your images to create a glare effect.


Very similar to XFrog, but XFrog is not for free and this is! It is up to people to check if lower versions are supported by visiting the Developer’s site. Thus it can easily be used to create things like wet maps or do fancy painting work within animations.

Rename function will help specify the names of the results of rendering passes, as well as convenient to distribute all the sequences on the subdirectories. Pro Version It reassigns all normal-directions!

C4D Plugins

Color To Material is a Python command plugin, that converts an object’s layer or object color to a newly assigned material with that color to make it renderable. With Hide and Seek you can: By connerJanuary 14, There is a direct link to ArchiCAD.

Main features Name variables tokens ; Creating individual and group passes; Removal of passes for the entire scene at once and for the objects individually; Renaming and sorting rendering results into folders; The script for After Effects to import sequences after cindma Support for versions of Cinema 4D R, Win and Mac.

Increase value little bit, if current tolerance is not enough. Renomi is Python driven Cinema 4D plugin that helps you organize your rendered image sequences and maintain your Object Buffer names. One of most useful plugins for cinema 4d. By tapaulMarch 28, PV Batch Render Type: