Oil rogue is okay in current metta. Since he was at a disadvantage, he took some risks and ignored Brawl. Mysterious Challenger needs a minimum of 4 attack so that it can still be answered with Big Game Hunter if Avenge buffs the Challenger. If a nerf was necessary, I would lean toward reducing the damage done by his bombs. You play it in control decks where you won’t need tempo. They’re just words I used to describe the playstyle of the decks.

Warlock — Banish — 5 mana — Silence all minions and deal 3 damage to them. This is one of the worst match ups for this deck. Check out the first episode of my new show, HearthBrews! Healbot is superior to Earthen Ring after you stabilize. Paying 2 mana and 1 overload for 4 to 6 damage is a bargain. The following are a few cards worth keeping an eye on in case they would lead to future problems. There are alot of 1 health minions that u can easily clear with your Fan of Knives. If your opponent is heavy on vampires, it can be correct to.

Look at Dragon Priest. There’s no two drops and one true three drop.

I don’t use it super often; I think it’s best use is when a Rogue is using Shadowstep. Improving Flame Juggler and weakening Secret Paladin gives the meta rohue powerful tool to combat aggressive strategies and frees up a lot of midrange and control strategies to see the light of day.

However, cards like Ram Wrangler and Unstable Portal are actively bad for the game. Sprint Sprint is one of the best ways to refill your hand.

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I thought it would be interesting to take the issues players have raised and propose some solutions. I think you really should run Loatheb. Do we play healbot because its actually good? Kolento rated Tomb pillager as the 1 card from LoE for what its worth.


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Also you can get tempo with sapping a Highmane. I filtered the hexmeta data by champion and thresholds in order to identify what decks were played and by how many players. I think Mryyagut readt in chat that he got to legend with hunter.

It had a pretty good Patron matchup too but the list is still pretty much the same since GvG.

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In the late game you have more useful cards than your opponent. He deserves to be on a big team. I like that he uses Van Cleef. The following are a few cards I came up with which I think could make the game more interesting and interactive.

In order to get rid of it, you had to use mryagyt Equality and trade a Volcanic Drake into it. Crackle, for example, is a decidedly frustrating card to play with. Like for example face hunter. Simply put, it’s that much better against aggro decks.

I expect the rise in popularity of Seadon Druid and our inclusion of Forked Lightning in Season 19 were largely responsible for the improved Druid match-up.

You can sap a big minion to gain even more tempo. It’s important to look at the skill floor of a deck too. However I personally find Rogue very fun to play.

Sludge Belcher has made the cut to defend against all of the recent aggressive decks. This is also a bad match up for you. There is literally no other viable archetype for the class. Both second oil or bgh are fine I guess. This card is good to keep against every oi. I believe Blizzard should proactively create more cost efficient reactive spells like Flamecannon.


You play it in control decks where you won’t need tempo. The guide discusses each card before seaeon duo take the deck for an extended spin on the ladder.

Try to get alot of minions on the board. It doesn’t make sense to me. Would love to see more variations of Oil in the future that make playing Rogue seaxon its sneaky identity more relevant in ladder.

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Healbot tends to be better in decks that rely heavily on a few win-conditions handlock’s big minions, mages’ freeze combo or giants, etc while farseer is great for rogue because rogue decks rely on minions to support the damage; it’s also an additional target for oil, and the low cost enables more combos.

I’m somewhat high ranked player myself and I’m playing this list right now at rank 7. Last season he tried really hard to take bloodlust shaman to rank 1, and just got to rank 3 at best. Savage Roar, however, encourages reckless aggressive play, rewarding timely top decks more than board manipulation. For the low price of 6 mana, Mysterious Challenger provides card advantage, tempo, and even thins your deck, improving your draws on future turns.

Since he was at a disadvantage, he took some risks and ignored Brawl. I have lost like 8 times straight with this thing.