Connect With Stab Enter your email here. Yes sir, of course I can apply your sunscreen. Creed McTaggart, the unofficial leader of this merry gang of misfits, jumps for joy. We got Beau in a dress and just ran with it. Connect With Stab Enter your email here. Read More Quick View. What Youth Issue 7.

Wanna win a new surfboard? We got Beau in a dress and just ran with it. Latest 22 mins ago. The year is due to pollution the ocean has dried up, the only way to surf is by time travel using a cybotactical head unit. Sign up for letters from What Youth. A little synopsis before you dive in:

Famous Last Meals Style. Doped Youth’s my favourite movie of all time, and Vaughn Dead, who made it, still says that it’s the thing he’s most proud of. The spirit of Doped Youth lives on. Cosmic Psychos have re-worked the Victoria Bitter anthem and it farkn rips 5 months ago.

Yes, yes, SPF 35, just the way you like it. What Youth Issue 1. We’re just having fun and running with the things about the characters in the movie that people take the piss out of.

The WA Government is introducing ticket scalping laws this Summer 3 months ago. Read Mobie Quick View. What Youth Issue 5. I didn’t get payed for any of the trips that I went on. We got Beau in a dress and just ran with it. Youth On The Run All the stuff we do along the way. Suffering In Your Jocks: Throughout ,ovie movie they are joined by an array of characters, outrageous surfing, and acting so bad it’s good.


Connect With Stab Enter your email here. I just read all the nasty things that people write and just think it’s funny. I don’t think the music’s going to be cleared in time.

A Celebration of the Past and Future Falls’ second year in the west was heavy on nostalgia, while most highlights came in the early arvo.

Tony be damned, it’s time to go into online hiding. Welcome to the world of Mollusk Style. Like us on Facebook to fill your news feed with love, and funny shit. One Roll A single roll of film from start to finish. What Youth Issue 9. Dear Youth Writing and nonsense. Did you fund it yourself? Interview by Ali Klinkenberg Today, the filmer to the pro surfer is like the caddy to the pro golfer.

It’s beautifully last minute, it’s how we roll. To be in the running, just answer a few questions for us. A weird concept, some hilarious acting and a bunch of fucking good-fun surfing. What Youth Issue 8. Adolescents 18 and under. Took him to the supermarket and shit.


Nix Nic Nooley Premiere ~ A Surf Movie by Toby Cregan

A lesson in how a great layout could get you laid. Afternoon Interview Deep thoughts and candid banter with intriguing people. Conversation With Interviews with worthy humans. Off Beat Unorthodox question and answering.

I think people will like it. He’s written and directed a feature length surf movie set in the future, complete with surfer acting. Posted 4 years ago. Straight Forward Really good surfing. He was a real natural in front of the camera, and he’s got great projection.

Beau Foster’s like, real smooth. The Mid-North Coast’s a hell of a place to be a young beatnik surfer. Did you write the whole script nloley Read More Quick View.

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More Style 3 years ago. Ellis Ericson’s up for a Logie for best supporting actor. Took him to the supermarket and shit, he looked, well, beautiful. Rewind Me Our ode to the films and filmmakers that made us who we are. Mixtape A collection of musical recordings.

Byron Nooleey is his jam.