Needless to say Yasuko thinks better of it and refrains from assassinating the Shogun. Yamatoku Classic-No longer sells kimono. As the party winds down, Yanagisawa takes Yasuko into a back room to see her former husband, who Yanagisawa has kept locked up instead of executing. She agrees to do so because she is in love with Yanagisawa, and clutches his inro decorative medicine caddy to withstand the attentions of the Shogun as silent tears run down her face during the ordeal. Oden no Kata sees this from above and gives a scared glance before rushing away with her daughter. See back episodes on this site. How to Make a Yukata. This site is a member of:

Sounds like a great idea! Japan Times Exhibition Listings. Will Yasuko fall for his ploy of kindness…. Tokyo Essentials in English. Fuji Television English Homepage. She despairs about what will happen when the truth becomes known and asks Yanagisawa to kill her by his own hands, and begs that he call her by her real name, Someko, as she dies. Why you should watch the Oscars, True Detective and more! Mando Hisako Aguri 1 Episode

Yasuko manages to haul herself out of the bathwater, but cannot open the door. However, the Shogun demands that she be brought to the inner castle as one of his consorts or Makino will have his grounds and rice income confiscated.

In his address before the women ooku the quarters, he tells them that they should take anything Uemon no Suke says as though it were a command from he himself.

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Plus, it only plays lip-service to history, so it can tell the hidden side of the period nana treat the lives of women. I’d like to use this oomu to trade 1-for-1 DVDs feel free to also use this thread to trade amongst yourselves as well.

InNHK tried Shinsengumian ever popular story of the band of ruffians wstch by the Tokugawa shogunate to Kyoto to protect the emperor from insurgents. I also have a buttload of American TV, if folks in Japan feel nostalgic Overview TV Listings Cast. His side kick, Kameyama Kaoru Terawaki Yasufuniis a large and unruly man by Japanese standards, and the contrast of the pair is a source of much of the low-key humor.


Here comes his lordship, Baka Tono! Diagrams of Kimono Parts. Yasuko looks up at this event to see Yanagisawa glaring at her and she finally realizes that he is her true enemy.

Sun May 25, 9: Traditional Colors of Japan. TV Asahi Homepage Japanese. Midai-sama sees the whole incident from the verandah across the way and takes a small red paper of medicine from her bodice.

Sounds like a great idea! Ram miss the last episode of Ooku and three specials: My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now.

The Shogun is so upset by this scolding that he collapses and becomes seriously ill. Festivals around Tokyo Japan Times. As he drops to his knees, the angle of the Noh mask shifts giving a wonderful example of how the expression of a Noh wagch can dramatically change depending on the angle and the lighting.

Mon May 26, 4: Yahoo Tokyo History Walks off line. Just then Uemon no Suke happens by and sees Oden no Kata hurrying away in haste and notices onlinr water on the corridor floor, but fails to understand its import and turns away.

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She agrees to do so because she is in love with Yanagisawa, and clutches his inro decorative medicine caddy to withstand the attentions of the Shogun as silent tears run down her face during the ordeal. Japan Art History Forum. Afterwards, Oden no Kata calls Yasuko to the corridor and yanks her into the bathing room to yell at her for making her life miserable.

Yasuko is also there and finds his ball, but it reminds her of the loss of her son. But, the next time Yasuko and her entourage run across Oden no Kata and her entourage, Yasuko does not step back and bow in deference allowing the other to pass, and furthermore warns Hama no Kata that if another such incident as the garden occurs, she will have the Shogun do something about Oden no Kata. As she turns away, Oden no Kata invites commands her to come down the stairs to see the gorgeous blossoming peonies.


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A Star Is Born 4. Not sure what the rules are regarding these, as I figured somebody did something wrong recording these off the TV and then selling them for profit. Hato Bus Tours in English. Yasuko tells her she knows grief and if it will lessen her pain, Someko can tell her anything.

Nevertheless, Tokumatsu is never right in the head after that and develops a fever and dies. The retainers, on the other hand, meet to consider a candidate for the Shogunal heir. Yasuko visits this temple to meet her former husband in secret to fulfill their suicide pact, but as he is about to stab her in the throat, she starts to wretch and he figures out she is pregnant, but not by him.

Because of the added competition between the two women, Oden no Kata asks the Shogun to officially declare her son to be the designated next Shogun. Yanagisawa claims that it was an unscheduled visit left unrecorded. Yasuko tries to break it to the Shogun that the child is not really his. I can also mix and match knline only certain episodes of various things are wanted. I tried to mark the ones without subtitles, but there might be a couple more without that I onlinne remember. Here is what I have: Her father reaches out to grab her to safety, but they end up rolling down together.

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In the meantime, Someko overhears the lady onoine gossiping about how anyone can tell that the child takes after Yanagisawa in looks. Japan National Tourist Organization. Anyhow, he finds Yasuko and crawls in her lap and once he calms down explains why he is afraid of thunder. Kyoto Geisha Walking Lecture. Despite her previous intentions, Yasuko throws herself across Tokumatsu to protect him.