This is more efficient for one file and allows to circumvent a problem with the xrootd dCache door. Have default of for 1D and 40 for 2D Underlying TBranch not yet available so no check was made. C -shared -fPIC -ot. Add Mary-Louise for the editline work. Last column skipped by “right arrow” in TBrowser https: Properly name the StreamerInfo needed to ‘cache’ onfile members in case of class renaming Fix a potential use after delete coverity

Variability monitoring of the hydroxyl maser emission in G From an excellent idea of Axel – Fix all issues of mouse cursor position between different OS, screen resolutions, and WMs. To appear in the proceedings of The Labyrinth of Star Formation, eds. Discovery of optical candidate supernova remnants in Sagittarius. Temp fix such that classes deriving from TTask do not break. Astronomy Reports, , Vol. In RegisterFont check if font state has changed and check valid font size.

Astrophysics of Galaxies authors/titles Jul

NideverGail ZasowskiSteven R. Properly assign the setup function to ‘permanent’ libraries even if their are loaded as side effect of the load of a different library.

Mention removal of exit. BuildEmulatedRealData properly handle the case of TNamed member that are not base class Show error message Fix comment Significantly by 2 order of magnitude improved the performance of TTree:: Remove variable names for caught exceptions that are not used.

Update release notes about the new class TGraphTime and the tutorial gtime. KlesmanVicki L.


Astrophysics of Galaxies

Remove include of TXNetFile. I have no idea – probably there are Unix flavours, where select -1 works correctly, but not on our Debian Etch. Fix a compilation warning. This change is needed for PoD optimizations.

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On the existence of “radio thermally active” Galactic supernova remnants. Set default secondary selection mode to kOnRequest: This removes many, many possible buffer overflows when reading into fixed sized buffers without checking the buffer length. This should fix https: Shift unsigned int as unsigned intnot as signed int.

If you need it, install the debug version or repoay –disable-winrtdebug Remove following obsolete architectures: Implement new function void TClonesArray:: Several fixes in the draw functionality needed by a forthcoming tutorial: Add a new function in TTree: Fix failing compilation of stressHistoFit on Windows Bonifacio 1E.

Improved editline release notes. Optimize the logic for the AutoFlush mechanism such that the TreeCache will read always up to the point where FlushBaskets has been called. Correct the recently introduced check on tty the logic was reversed Follow-up lq the previous patch: Still needs some fine tuning, but already much beter than before.

Forward selection to TEveCaloData. Maximum number of such floating editors is limited to 10 static in TEveGedEditor. First detection of HC3N in protoplanetary disks. This paper has been withdrawn by the author due to a mistake. Render function to draw labels and titles. Make sure scales do not go offscreen. Add comments to specify that missing breaks are intentional To avoid the consequent peak a zero, use the pattern: MakeClass mode so we can not check.


Christopoulou 2C.

ApJS, in press, 61 pages, 34 figures, abstract abridged. The simulation of molecular clouds formation in the Milky Way.

De ZottiL. Strader 2 and 3J. An optimistic CoGeNT analysis.

Institute for Information and Communication Technologies, Electronics and Applied Mathematics

Improve handling of Ctrl-C: If I make call like this: IM ; Astrophysics of Galaxies astro-ph. Update also the comments to document this feature in the reference doc Start development version Cosmetics layout Adapt tutorial to Qt4 In all classes using FTGL fonts: If the tree has 0 entries set the value to 0 in TFileInfo instead of leaving the default -1 plu GetPaperSize a const function.

Properly detect the case where a fix length array is coming from a friend tree connected with an Index and hence the presence of the ‘entry’ is not guaranteed.