In fundo cuius Suron portus et in latere sinus insula Rubea, ibi portum faciens contra orientem. Ex qua Sidone Dido que Cartaginem condidit in Affrica fuitc. Right, and my rationalization will be that I understand what you’re saying on the local programming fund, but I’m just saying that on the small local programming fund the rationalization is that there was a public policy reason this occurred and I don’t see why that has changed. As such, they compete for advertising revenue against large regional and national networks. Day-to-day things change, as well. Inter portum et Segnam iuxta riueriam due insule, et foras contra portum in occasu et foras insulam Arbam due deprope iacentes una ab altera ab oriente in occasu. Inde ad sinum Lee mi.

They are permanent bureaus. Inde uoluitur sinus Carnali habens fundum in aquilone, rediens in africo et austro, habens in ostio mi. LoG – Premier EP. Quod prefatus sinus et extendi-. Can I suggest you do it as an undertaking so that other parties have an opportunity to reply? They have all got priority. A Sathalia uero ad caput situm sub montem qui dicitur Clarum in africo, ante cuius caput a facie australi non longe in mari sunt insule Yscili- dones mi. Contribute to the creation of this artistic movie and share with us the experience of an Anthropo S cene where Man is

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Nonnulli a temperie celi Mascanneson appettatam prodideruntc To be relevant in today’s world that we live in, we have to continue to make major commitments to local Canadian content programming. Is that generating revenues for you or is that free? That’s what I mean when I use the word “reform”.

That doesn’t mean we can’t increase our expenditures and, you know, improve the quality and do things that are absolutely relevant and employ more people and news reporters and so on and so forth.


I am going to interrupt because this is a discussion for a different time. Une question se pose alors: Because if you put 30 minutes out there you have to be able to put good quality reporting in there, not just stripped from other places or take away from your viewers at 6 o’clock.

We added the weekends. Inde iuxta eum aliud mons et portus et insula intus, quod uoca- tur Dntier. In quo capite ciuitas ilia sita est habens ante se ab. Just to repeat, whatever you’re going to file, do it as an undertaking so other parties have ample opportunity to reply to your proposals.

If you want to spend money in local programming to improve the quality of your local program or the hours, you’re going to be rewarded. So inmy reading of that ruling, there is no mention of this thing is going to last for a temporary period only to get through the economic crisis. Karukera Atelier de Bijouterie.

Elle se distingue notablement du type courant.

Chairman, Commissioners and Commission staff. Coli ; Gades insule, Kadis Mauri. Certains ont voulu voir en lui un habitant de l’Italie du Sud76, ou encore un ravennate77, mais l’historiographie pisane n’a pas retenu ces vues. Contra quas in austro est insula Scandula mi. Do you get rewarded for investing in local programming?

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Je suis celle qui te joue un tour. Iuxta Ango deforis in meridie est insula Nizari, a septemtrione Ciphalo Chairman, I just want to confirm exactly what we are finding for you.

There’s the unwinding of all that we’ve done. A qua incipiuntur insule Ciclades, quorum. I want to reiterate, I guess, in looking at your financials, that notwithstanding the fact that you have said this afternoon and in your evidence that national advertising is eroding, and the way people buy is changing, when I look at your financials, I see nothing wrong with your national sales growth. Le pop-up store de Place du Mariage. Chairman, we are grateful that the Commission has recognized the unique challenges emtier by small market independent television broadcasters.

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I notice that your national time sales have actually increased. Mergo insula, cui iacet in aquilone per ml. La provenance du recueil est inconnue. We have seen a marked increase in not just the volume of hours that we now give to people over the supper hour, which increased from one to one and a half hours, but the number of people coming to those hours has increased. Le parcours du combattant. Ad Nepantum alterius pls sinus, caput uidelicet Saluatorium 85 bwlle.