What’s an Evolution Stone? A hero battles the Masked Man, who is targeting the amusement park. Just when the plan seemed likely to succeed, E began to change More information on them will come soon! Mecha Cop Escavalier Male Lv. Now you will be able to go into battle mode where you will use your Pokemon against a character in the motion capture suite.

If they move second, take the initiative Force palm, etc. I am an alien. Apr 12th Guest I have a problem though. Humans, Pokemon, and aliens– Why don’t we find a way to all live together? And so Ledian captured me and seized my temporal transport. A director will often make an unsure comment at the end of filming indicating you got a Strange Ending.

You’ve broken my Black Belt! Ah ha ha ha This is a huge problem in a hero! Kadath Gastly Male Lv. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki.

I need electric energy that’s as powerful as a thunderbolt! It’s time for the final battle with the UDF! For the specific search terms, refer to the Table of Contents [ToC] at the top! Annoyed that the experiment failed, but fine all the same.

A magical queen sets a trap. However, before I changed the future, Ledian looked down on all other life-forms and po,emon all alone. Hey, what’s going on?


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They vary depending on your performence in the last movie! Female Wow, he’s so cool!

Thanks to Bulbapedia regarding rewards from Trainers put in a neat fashion, as well as a fluid display of Pokemon involved in battles! Text that is in between three hyphens indicates a dialogue choice and response, they vary pending on what you pick! Leave the theater and return to the South East docks of Virbank City.

Make Bug Pokemon very smart We have the power! It’s a fun side aspect of the overall game that i enjoyed, so I hope you do too! A love story between trainers. And so I was able to safely return to my own era Follow the dark path or use the light. It wouldn’t be an experiment without poekstar risk taking! It should be fine!

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Where did you come from? I’ll show you that the future belongs to use Bug-type Pokemon! Now to take care of that UFO! Do yell a bit louder! Use Riolu’s Ice Punch to take him out in one shot as well.

Last for five scenes. Some kind of string?

Stop right there, Human! Note that their popularity can go down if in too many Bad Endings. Everyone’s ideal place to play!


A world where Humans are used and controlled waklthrough Pokemon A mysterious flying object appeared suddenly in the sky above a major metropolis. Oh well, no great loss How could that be true?

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I just want to get back to my own time! It’s a bunch of junk Choosing different lines may help with this You will have script option to follow and these options will determine the course of the movie. During the battle, several script options are shown. Personal tools Create account Log in. I don’t want to hear you bleating “sorry, sorry, sorry.

Contains a total of 4 movies; though may be count as “separate” series, all have Brycen-Man as the main foe. Needs complete layout images from all seasons. From a Backpacker in the movie theater for getting a bad stueios on a movie. Thanks for your help My dark, secret arts enter!