Since he’s not a champ prone to all-ins at early levels, and they even out with flats at 6, they work really well for bolstering that earlyish-mid game where he can pull ahead. Very useful guide OP. Edit 10 11th April , AP champions that do not auto attack only casters e. This is why aliens won’t talk to us. Graves, stay behind minions and go in when you have poked him enough and you have your ultimate.

A helpfull thing to do could be getting 2 Runepages by the way. And his Q similarly easy to outplay because it’s fairly slow. I did not change anything, I just took screenshots and posted. He’s not heavily reliant on AA’s, but they are a decent chunk of his damage. After that ap quints or CDR if you want to spam abilities. Tryndamere is a joke of a lane, spam blood price him as much as possible in the early game when he goes to farm.

Yes, it does heal every two auto attacks. It does a LOT of damage, and really helps with my early game power. Even though I lost horribly, I loved him and played him until he was off freeweek, and then grinded non-stop to unlock him.

Moreover, hybrid pen are very good for her imo. But you have a masyeries worse laning, because AD is giving you more damage in the earlygame.

I’m pretty sure the hybrid pen quint doesn’t give 1. After that ap quints or CDR if you want to spam abilities. I doubt they don’t take this game seriously. In theory it makes sense, high ap ratios on E and R, gold efficient, and can stall so you can get Q back up and escape death.

Thunderlords because it fits my playstyle. I am also play aatrox a lot, but there is one thing I am struggling a lot. So if he just plays a bit more he will climb.


His passive and ultimate give him enough, just stack bloodwell and you’re good. Too much damage to sustain through, can parry knockup and has mazteries much mobility to run away from or keep up with. And against someone like Darius, you will need to hit them a few more times, but that shouldn’t be a problem with the increased range that comes with your ulti. Why not ms quints on supports and tanky junglers?

Equally if you are against an AD midlaner. I main Aatrox and i am diamond 3. No need to be a dick about it. I made this thread for “lazy” people who don’t have time to watch Phreak’s video or do masterjes into pro player’s mastery pages.

Here’s my item set and here’s one VS poppy, and here’s one VS maokai in ranked. It depends on what you play against and how you plan on playing the game, aggessive earlygame, or waiting til you get your first items.

I knew I wouldn’t have survived the turret shots, and it wasn’t really worth the effort at the time. Hashinshin plays a lot of Aatrox too and he goes Fervor.

Mega Builders

I prefer heavy AD because he gains enough atk speed as is. Tryndamere is a joke of a lane, spam blood price him as much as possible in the early game when he goes to farm.

This one’s rage will shape the world. Tryndamere, my greatest creation. I’ve heard it is very good, because it gives you a little wiggle room if you miss a double Q or double E with your W and don’t get the Energy refund so you aren’t so Energy starved you can’t W again when a gank hits because you’ve been spamming Q’s for cs or something.

Both options he gave has MR, one is per lvl the other is flat. I believe the person with the most time spent played ever is silver 4. I’ll update it if requested when I get home tommorow. I myself like a combination of Sc MR for the midlane ganks.


Usually kills squishies without ult. I’m here for the AMA not for unfunny jerkish comments, keep them away. Prices are subject to change.

I’ve mained Aatrox for over a year and have nearly k points, AMA! : leagueoflegends

Groovy, I really do appreciate the post, you have no idea how much trouble this saved me. Otherwise, keep it off. It doesn’t give him any AD, and crit strike is a near-useless stat on him.

For the price, it’s not worth the buy.

It’s something faker does alot, he uses AP scaling gylphs instead of mr, i started doing it too after seeing that preaak i must say it works really well on champs like nidalee and leblanc, but if u make mistakes you better be prepared to get your ass handed to you.

Unless riot feels like masetries more serious changes, I feel like I have runes for the rest of LoL’s lifetime. I want more runepages too, It was hard to fill all the runepages I wanted to have in only 19 slots need to buy the 20th soon. Opinion on AP Aatrox?


For the AP junglers like Maokaiwhich of these tracks would you recommend? I also took the freedom to add mastery pages from pro players. Just wondering, haven’t played on this patch yet.

I have a question about the rumble page specifically.