I still remember “Ashraf amazing stories” It is more important to be a good actor first. Even Guest house was a lot better comedy. Shot at the National College of Arts in Lahore, the sitcom was about student life on campus. More articles by Mariya Haider. Shows of yore explored satire, made use of parodies and even musicals to make their point.

Shot at the National College of Arts in Lahore, the sitcom was about student life on campus. But we did enhance our parts. This was however a fresher take on the drama but couldn’t do so well: Slowly but surely, an efficient reporting system is taking hold in Pakistan. Yes I do have plans and I m also currently working on this. Ali Zafar started his career in acting from this show while he was studying at NCA himself. D do you hav a video of it? The recent surge in comedy-based shows like Bulbulay , Dugdugi , Namak Paray and Ye Meri Family has one wondering whether humour is just another avenue for misogyny on TV.

NCA then held an event in Berlin to honor Imran for his award.

Kollege Jeans Cast “Then” and “Now”

I can tell that all of you are millenials. I did my graphic designing from NCA and wanted to continue it as my profession.

February 24, Tax directory IF humility was a characteristic usually associated with our legislators, one would imagine several of them being But more crama less we all had been part of performing arts; from music to theatre we used to be part of the NCA stage.

For many youngsters today TV isnt the only medium they enjoy. I have my own production house and I prefer working behind the camera than in front of it.


That is why we also kept our original names in the drama. I got rrama good opportunities to work on my skills. After graduating from NCA as graphic designer Faisal started his career as a play writer with his brother Imran.

After graduating from NCA in Imran pursued a career in painting and is rarely remembered as being a part of the show Kollege Jeans. In the future if I plan on acting it might be for my own production.

Exclusive Interview with Tariq Abro of Kollege Jeans –

At times we used to add or subtract to the script while shooting. I remember Nini said that they were short of one person in their sitcom and asked me to do 2 to 3 scenes for them. Here are six super funny shows that need to be re-aired: So by the end I was earning 10 to 12 thousands a month. I also train students on camera work, story building, all things related to production.

We shot about 13 to 14 episodes in Bangkok. Tho many articles have been written demanding the sequels of such amazing sitcoms but so far it seems highly unlikely to happen moreover I do not think that magical humor can ever be recreated. I think Family front will get more votes as the generation who watched it the most uses the internet. So the director got emails from people praising my character in Kollege Jeans.

Penned by famous humourist, Dr. This kind of light comedy is perhaps what all of us need as an escape from the the seriousness of real life. All of them shud be re-aired. I am surprised to see the list of comedy serials mentioned in this article. Humor is one area that Pakistani TV fails miserably at. What are needed are sophisticated and refined comedy neans not those trying to squeeze out a laugh or two by any means available.


Kollege Jeans was the best, A lot of memories is mingled with this sitcom So our comic timing was better. Filled with excellent humor along with the spontaneous acting of Rafi Khawar and Kamal Sahab.

Exclusive Interview with Tariq Abro of Kollege Jeans

Alf Noon, etc etc. It had a natural university atmosphere and teenage cast which make us laugh. However, one of the actors from Kollege Jeans who did not appear on our television screens is Tariq Abro.

India fails to answer critical questions in Jadhav case: Shows of yore explored satire, made use of parodies and even musicals to make their point. You just cant get enough of it. Famous characters included Ashraf, a cook and Baba Sayeen, among jrans others.