Combined with Yuvan’s background-score, the scene underlines yet again what tremendous talent this brother-duo possess. I think the new fashion of so called gangster movies is encouraging a lot of junior artists to build muscles and grow long hair. The cliche that most movies have created rowdy dying in the end makes us believe that the ending is insane Kammattipadam – Visitor Review. But Puthupettai’s Kokki Kumaru is “A decade old dictator”. Also, I strongly felt that in ‘ Puthupettai ‘ the erotic song with Sonia was put in only to underline the fact that he is not a director to shy away from depicting sexuality on screen. We’ll contact you shortly.

Pudhupettai, a few new things – Pat 1. You predict that Kumar will be killed and think movie will end here.. But he coludnt open because of fear and he wets his pants.. You think the movie ends here.. Thats mainly because of Aravind’s lenswork The black comedies you see in today’s movies are mostly inspired from this movie.

Thank you for sharing the requirements with us. There is puhupettai at least one song more than what would have been ideal, and the best song of the album has not been picturized at all.

Comment on this review. Selvaraghavan is a tremendous talent, and he will only improve the guy is just 3 movies old!

No often you see a heroine playing a prostitute role and no often you see a heroine getting hit in a violent manner. Other movies such as Sathya, En Uyir Tholan etc. Write a Review on Pudupettai Movie. The only difference is that while Madhavan resembles an underworld thug with high political aspirations, Dhanush resembles a lean hero w Of course there are new movies with similar themes too but their quality is too dismal to be mentioned here.

A milestone movie which is cherished for years Sonia Agarwal has nothing much to do, except for that great scene. He presented the movie raw and real as much pudhuepttai possible. Overcoming his looks, the young actor puts in tremendous effort and delivers a powerhouse performance.


Thats mainly because of Aravind’s lenswork Seriously man, symphony was never within your reach. His notes were all over the place, they matched the puchupettai fine in a few occasions and they did not in a lot of others.

One wishes, though, that he stops picturizing those inane dance-numbers even when they clearly do not fit in to the scheme of things. Those of you who haven’t seen this movie, but intend to: None other than Selva can think like this.

Puthupettai is not just a good story or a good life,it is a compliation of many great scenes and goose bump moments. Most of the real con-men are still stuck wit And that, my friends, is a huge difference. Review on Pudupettai Movie.

If the column infringes any copyrights that you hold, please email us at columns behindwoods. Dhanush pudhupettxi was sketchted as an innocent local boy then the character started to evlove slowy then transformed into a epical ‘Kokki Kumar’. A Selvaraghan masterpiece which is remembered for years.

News Tamil Latest News. I think the new fashion of so called gangster movies is encouraging a lot of junior artists to build muscles and grow long hair.

When the director,music director,cinematographer,actors all join to give their best,We get an epic movie like “Puthupettai”. Chiseled Space The artist in me! But more than physique its your body langauge and facial expression which makes you as a good actor. A special applause must be given for Balakumaran for his realistic and poetic dialogues. Well, their claims are partly true – his protagonists do exhibit signs of mental illness.

The black comedies you see in today’s movies are mostly inspired from this movie. Pudhupettai, a few new things – Pat 1.

Occupied Space: Film Review: Pudhupettai

Scenes that are ”disturbing” need to be included in the movie if the story begs them be it rape scene in Hey Ram! Still he never feels guilty for his behaviour and he shouts at his friend for crying Kokki kumaru is not a “Velu Naayakan”. Kammattipadam – Visitor Review. Now, there are a whole lot of people who avoid Selvaraghavan movies, claiming that he makes utterly crass movies about psychopaths.


Use of guns is kept very minimal, and it’s a good move too; because Madras’s underworld unlike that of Bombay’s is very rudimentary when it comes to weapons. And you see Sonia Agarwal as Selvi.

Pudhupettai – A decade old dictator

So I have no problems with that. Want to publish your column too? More of me if you dare! This is Koki kumar for you-A merciless don who just does things for his pleasure-And thats why people call Selvaraghavan as a trendsetting bold director Well, try again, of course! This again has been portrayed by Madhavan, reasonably well in AE.

Thats why Selva is not the next Maniratnam or next Bala. He used dark and pale yellow tone first to show the night scenes and then experiments by using flouroscent light for the scenes having dhanush in jail. Click here to know more. In how many movies you see heroes doing this???

Pudhupettai, a few new things – Pat 1 – PUDUPETTAI MOVIE Audience Review –

I am not sure, but the thought certainly crossed my mind. There’s this particular passage in Mario Puzo’s ‘ The Godfather ‘where Michael Corleone suddenly stiffens and glares at his brother Sonny who’s laughing hard at ‘the kid who wants to gun down the police captain, pidhupettai because he got slapped around in the face a little bit’. I feel this review is: We’ll contact you shortly.