Shivaji Maharaj secured a large booty from Afzal Khan’s camp which enabled him to consolidate and strengthen his position. Ganesh celebration goes grand on Suri. Shivaji Maharaj followed a policy of encouraging agriculture. All Bombay Times print stories are available on. He paid attention to the welfare of the peasantry. After accomplishing the mission of the south, Shivaji Maharaj returned to Swaraj. Thereafter Shahajiraje became a sardar of the Adilshah of Bijapur and was posted in Karnataka. Actresses Ambika and Meena to feature in Comedy Nights this weekend.

Those sardars who appreciated his aim were brought to his side, but some sardars in the Adilshahi opposed him. Colors Bangla launches ‘Aponjon’- a tale of love and revenge. He undertook Karnataka expedition in Kasthooriman written update, February 22, Trending Videos Reducing human—wildlife conflict through artwork There were four hundred ships of various kinds in the Navy. In April he set out for the Adilshahi Karnataka.

He captured Kalyan and Bhivandi on the Konkan coast which were under the control of Adilshahi. Select a City Close. Seerat Kapoor, Rhea Chakraborty voice their views on Kumble episode.

He also drew up a plan of capturing the forts in possession of Maharaj.

Jaisingh was simultaneously instigating local rulers in the Karnataka against the Adilshah, so that the latter would be unable to help Shivaji Maharaj. Shivaji Maharaj secured a large booty from Afzal Khan’s camp which enabled him to consolidate and strengthen his position. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj planned to carry his army to the east coast in the South and conquer the province of Adilshahi Karnataka. Life Super Guru to start from November Thereafter Shahajiraje became a sardar of the Adilshah of Bijapur and was posted in Karnataka.

With a firm hold over a fort, one could defend as well as control the surrounding area and could rule the land. Shivaji Maharaj set out for Agra on 5th March and reached on 11th May Can Sai Pallavi recreate her magic with Hey Pillagada? There after, all royal correspondence carried the words, ‘Kshatriyakulaawatansa Shri Raja Shivachhatrapati’. Aurangzeb then put him under a house arrest.


Ep- 174 राजा शिवछत्रपती -Raja Shivchhatrapati-Shivaji Feels Insulted.mp4

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein written update February 22, Koneenica breaks away from the TV mould. Shivaji Maharaj opened overtures with him. Shivchhatrapatu years had passed but Shaista khan still would not think of leaving Pune.

Raja Shivchhatrapati shivchhatrapatl make a comeback on TV. Dhee Jodi written update, February 20, In this naval conflict the English had to withdraw their fleet. My shows reflect our society: The Maratha army not only captured smaller hill forts of Baglan but also captured Mulher fort and Salher which lay on the border of Khandesh and Gujarat.

Kasthuri TV set to revamp? After that Shivaji Maharaj accomplished ‘Dakshin Digvijay’. He also assured the Mughals of help against the Adilshahi. Shivaji Maharaj realized that it would not be prudent to fight two enemies at the same time. Raja Shivchhatrapati is back on TV Share this on: Mythological serials rules Kannada small screen. Colors Bangla launches ‘Aponjon’- a tale of love and revenge.

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The forts situated within the jagir of Shivaji Maharaj were not under his control, but were under the control of Adilshah. Shivaji Maharaj devised a plan of attack on Surat. In the medieval period, forts carried much significance. Hindi Vivek Dahiya faces racial discrimination at airport. The Times of India. parg

He set up an efficient and sound system for the administration of this Swaraj. Shivaji Maharaj was also keen to see to it that the soldiers did not in any way cause any harm to the subjects. The aims, objectives and Rajnitee of the Maratha Swaraj under Chhatrapati Shivaji provided a new direction to contemporary politics of India.


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Jaisingh and Dilerkhan led siege to the fort of Purandar. He followed a tolerant religious policy. Therefore an attempt to capture the forts meant to challenge the Adilshahi power. Thesni Khan on Ivide Ingananu Bhai. The strategy followed by Shivaji Maharaj was to capture the forts by sending a well-equipped army on one hand and on the shivvchhatrapati hand to keep the Mughals unstable by invading the Mughal territories of the Deccan.

Later, Sambhaji was brought safely to Rajgad. Wherever in future these powers created obstacles in the work of expanding the Swaraj, Shivaji Maharaj tried to curb their activities. Two new Shivchhatrspati serials from today.

Read All Comments Post a Comment. Shivaji Maharaj thus became the founder of a new era.

Riteish’s TV show goes off air. Soon after his return from Surat, Shivaji Maharaj embarked upon a vigorous naval program. Maharaj realized that now it was necessary for the Swaraj to win general recognition as a sovereign, independent state.