I wish all the best to Mr. Amala’s funniest interview with Nagarjuna – Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu. The questions to her followed as follows. South Central Railway 8. The show was started with new contestants. Today at 9 PM.

Who was the captain of India in when India won world Cup in ? But he wanted to go for option B. Who among the following is also called as Pardha, Savya sachi, Jishnu, Dhanunjaya? What is the second largest continent in the world? Which of these can not be measured in volumes? Which of the following cities is known as patali putra in history?

The continuation of the questions as follows. Shadma of the following is given given ink mark during elections? And he moved ahead. To know meanings seasoh words 6. Sapta varna patakam 2. Which of the following diseases does not have vaccine? There is one thing we should see in his life here, though he faced several difficulties in his life journey, he never stopped moving on which made him achieve his victory today in Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu episode Identify the actor who is saying Krishnashtami wishes in the audio clip?

Bharath reddy has taken hot seat through FFF in Meelo evaru koteeswarudu for episode 17 on 7th July I hoped he would win.

Amar Raja Batteries d.


meelo evaru koteeswarudu

The show was started with new contestants. Now again FFF started. The lotus temple in Delhi is a house of worship of which seasoj the following religions? Filmy Focus is your one stop shop for TeluguMovieNews. Duryodhana She used her another life line phone a friend here and successfully moved ahead.

How many black square are presented in a standard chess board? Let us get into the questions. Before leaving she imitated Nagarjuna which was perfectly apt. Nobody moved out more than Rs.

According to a Jandyala movie, two twos are? Lal Bahaddur sastry c.

Initially he was expecting it was Harbhajan Singh, where after activatingthat option was deleted. Cricket The episode is closed here today. Lets see tomorrow how far Mr.


Which of these is also called as Half sari? Yeka varna patakam d. ITC He took The episode has completed here. MIG air crafts, are used by many countries are designed and developed by which country? Jayanth C Narlikar b. Wuns has used his second life line audience poll. Krishna Prasad threw a dialogue from the movie Tagore and I dumfounded my self for one minute and my instincts led me to clap instinctively. Where was Ajad Hind Fauz founded?

I have been a great fan to Nagarjuna since my childhood and my father has been a great lwkhs to Late Akkineni Nageswarrao garu since his childhood and My son definitely will be a great fan of Naga chaitanya and Akhil.


Sankar Narayan for his civils preparation. Who amongst the following was imprisoned during Tanasha Rule? Election Commission of India d. Which of the following states is on the coromandel coast? But in the previous leader board he was not of a prominent one. Ye maya chesave He took audience poll here where he received perfect answer.

Bandipur National Park This contestant just believes her luck and blindly following and winning and lakgs ahead.

She has been really confident through out the show and one of the confident contestants so far. Which of these is not part of telugu varmnamala? Student of the year 5.

Which of the following cricket shots is made famous by M. Jama Masjid, Delhi 8. Kalpana-1 For the above question, Mr. How many faces for Ghanam Cube? Which of these terms used to denote normal human vision? Which of the following is worn by ladies as ornaments?