They decide to teach Aunn a lesson. Sherry feels happy to have a life-partner like her, while Kamaal is proud on Zoya as he hugs her lovingly and the show ends on a happy note. Kamaal and Saira miss Sherry even more after Ansar’s death. The major shoot in Paris-Switzerland was for the CID special episode Aakhri Chunauti, and a part of the production teams 12th anniversary celebration plan. Seeing his son and daughter-in-law being helpful towards each other, Kamaal decides to get Mariam married to Sherry so that Ansar’s child could remain in their family. As a result, they go to Zara’s home with marriage proposal. Sensing that Aunn is angry at this, Zara allows Aunn to drive the car.

Anthology series Saare Mausam Tumse Hee. She rather discusses this matter with Ansar, who warns her not to speak anything in front of Kamaal. Rucha at ITA awards. Soon a rift are created between Zara and Aunn’s family, as result of which Aunn and Zara shift to another house. Aunn invites her to a restaurant to send about Manzar’s proposal. Zara tells Husna about Nighat and her father’s growing friendship.

Sir gave me the flexibility to come and go as I felt like, but I began to enjoy the role of Abhijeet, and so stayed on, said Srivastava. Kamaal is too elated with the fact that Sherry has proposed to Anam, and gets started with the preparations of their engagement.

Karunya was a favourite amongst the judges and was declared the unofficial winner of the second season. The shows ended its run in India on 12 July Views Read Edit View history. Sony TV was to air episodes based on Om Prakash Chautala episde recruitment scam in the show, on 2 Marchshow was given clearance by High court 5.

Retrieved July 31, After a couple of weeks, the became a huge hit. However, seeing Anam in such a hurry and her behavior towards poor helpless and needy people, Sherry is forced to think about his relationship with her again. Jamshed wants her to join the air force, while she wants to have a family life never having had a complete family of her own.

After seeing his daughter being humiliated by Kamaal in front of everyone, Bashir decides to leave for his village with her so that they can spend their life with respect at least. New TV channel keeps its promise of new shows every month”.


Hum TV series Pakistani television series debuts Urdu-language television programs Urdu language telenovelas Pakistani telenovelas Zindagi television series. He wastes no time in proposing to Zoya, who says that she would need some time to think about it. Unknown to the family, Zoya is bothered by Ansar’s behavior, as he often holds her hand in alone, or stops her way, which makes her dislike him and his habits.

Zoya’s college friend Aiman’s Iman Ali brother, Shahzeb Imran Aslam shows interest in marrying Zoya due to her kind nature, and he even invites her through Aiman at their place for dinner. Dadi and Nighat oppose this, but Husna convinces them to let Aunn go.

Anthology series Saare Mausam Tumse Hee. The episodes of first and second seasons were half—hourly, parf episodes of third season eoisode one hourly, conceived as a reality series, it was the first show on Indian television, where cameras traveled with the law enforcement authorities to capture crimes live.

Ansar gets married to Mariam Zhalay Sarhadifollowing which Anam persuades Sherry to believe that he is in love with her and thus, being confused about his own feelings, he proposes to her.

Liyaqat confronts Sherry angrily, after which the entire matter comes in front of the villagers and hence the final decision is left to be taken by the Panchayat. Nighat forgets her shopping bags on his car which Jamshed returns. On reaching at the airport, Ansar discloses the truth to his brother, which extremely disappoints Sherry.

His character is amongst the most popular ones in the series along with Satams character, aditya Srivastava who portrays Abhijeet, was introduced in the show as a criminal but was later added into the C.

A promotional logo image of “Ladies Special”. Dayanand Shetty was spotted by Sanjay Shetty, a member of the C. Once again the series was back in its third season, the third season was telecast on every Friday and Saturday nights and was hosted by Anoop Soni.

List of former shows. Seeing him in a helpless state and asking his son for something with much pleading, Sherry unwillingly agrees to his wish.


Anam declares about this proposal to her parents, compelling them to go to Kamaal’s place and talk about their wedding.

Retrieved July 11, Rajeshwari Sachdev at Comedy Rehazi episodes bash.

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Aunn decides to take Zara out to see a movie. The family is now reconciled, and they live happily ever after. Due to the popularity of the first season, Sony TV decided to bring back the series in its second season, the second season was aired every Monday to Thursday nights.

Aunn expresses his wish to marry thinking this will give him some space from his over indulgent family. Zeeshan comes at Kamaal’s home, and finding Ansar step out of his car, he threatens him to send Sherry to apologize reehaai Anam, but Ansar suggests him to solve the matter peacefully rather than by arguing unnecessarily.

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When Sherry comes to his father to talk about Zoya, Kamaal, before listening to rwhaai, pleads him to marry Mariam for the sake of Ansar’s child. Anam, their daughter, develops envy towards Zoya as she scores higher than her in academics and wins Student of the Year trophy every year.

Merchant, who was seen as the pwrt contestant, was forced to quit the Ticket to Finale task in its last leg, Merchant was born in Mumbai and was raised up by her parents Siraj Merchant and Rizwana Merchant.

Manzar decides to tell her the truth. It was launched on 28 May Rajeshwari Sachdev with husband Varun Badola in Programmes broadcast by Zindagi TV. LahorePunjab Pakistan. Aunn’s friend Manzar loves Rehai friend Shehna. There Mariam is delighted to learn about her pregnancy, and waits for Ansar to come home so that she could give this news to him face-to-face.