And if you don’t need subtitles, well you just turn them off. I hate the subtitles on my TV screen. How to remove text from MKV? I would think not, perhaps obscure them but that would be more trouble than it is probably worth. Meanwhile, you can preview the changes on the right side. Though it’s not a big deal. The mkvmerge tool can do exactly what you want. The logo filter may require the sub-title to “static” for too many frames to be workable.

This software can be also used as HD video editing software for video-making lovers. The same subtitle format used on DVDs Title: You will get a movie without quality loss and totally subtitle-free in a couple of minutes. Get an answer here. We can see the multiple subtitle options are listed in the drop-down window, then the subtitle of this video is soft subtitle type. The advantage to this is you can have multiple languages think of a DVD, you have multiple languages available and you can fix typos and such in the file. That seems really overkill to me.

macos – How to add and remove subtitles in an MKV file? – Super User

Microsoft releases Windows 10 19H1 Build with Sandbox improvements. There’s lots of it.

On OS X, the easiest way would be to install mkvtoolnix through Homebrew. At reomve task list, you can mkvkerge a button as “T”. Plus I may loose the previous subtitles, and some image quality along the way. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I hate the subtitles on my TV screen. But if its selectable why not just leave it alone? I would think not, perhaps obscure them but that would be more trouble than it is probably worth.

Edit – also there are plenty of other mkv tools to try besides mkv merge. All times are GMT Remoe course, we can download some video processing software which looks professional but complicated to operate, as it requires more time and energy to learn. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


Even if its a few mbs it shouldn’t be a problem. Check with mediainfo to determine if it is or not.

How to remove subtitles from MKV videos

You can keep an eye on the progress under Job Output but typically the whole process takes seconds to complete. You can have a look here: Post a MediaInfo report tree text mode of the file in question just in case.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Mlvmerge I imagine it is not possible to remove? The speed and cost of internet around the world 47 Comments. I just installed hardcodev tried that.

Normal subtitles, shown in MKV, MP4, AVI and other video file formats, actually exist in different types, thus different methods should be used for removing them. How to Convert and Transfer Video to Android. That seems really overkill to me. Help you handle video subtitles handily Want to remove Chinese, Korean subtitles and more other types of subtitles from the movie?

How to Remove Subtitles from MKV, MP4, AVI and So On

You are embedding it in the video. See the man pages on mkvmerge for info on strategically removing 1 or 2 subtitles instead of all of them. It will display everything contained inside the file, including the video and audio, subtitles, chapters and tags.

I find it’s pretty rare that the subtitle text is emblazoned onto the actual video. How to record anything on your screen using th It’s a very capable Matroska manipulator and should be able to remove any kind of stream from an MKV without recoding all the other streams.


Guess what, the reliable software can achieve more! It can store numerous video, audio and subtitle tracks, in addition to any metadata. Import videos by pressing “Add Files” or drag the video into software, and then you can see the video in task list.

Of course, this simple script assumes that the subtitles are English and merges them as such, but that can be manually adjusted per usage need; the big issue of automatically merging the subtitles with the MKV is solved by a simple script like this. You can also add subtitle to MP4 or other video formats with the same software. Check the tools section on the left of the suhtitles.

It may be possible to simply uncheck the subtitle stream and this depends if it is actually hardcoded or not and then allow mkvmerge to remux the file.

If you would also like to removd the same thing or have problem on how to remove hardcoded subtitles from movies, please download the software to remove subtitle quickly: Some movies and video clips are with built-in subtitles, in nkvmerge subtitle formats.

Then a temporary window will show up, you can see that there are two same videos in these windows. Google can show you where to safely dispose of unneeded prescription drugs 24 Comments.

Learn about how to rip and backup DVD to mlvmerge format or device; download and convert video to iPhone, iPad and other portable device.

Though it’s not a big deal.