Uncontrollably Fond Korean Drama. I loved the ending to RMPW. Everything’s just perfect so kudos to tvN for another quality drama. Can you really picture SW — as the First Lady? It was nice that Joon-hee was confirmed as being queer but they did nothing with it other than giving him a straight boy crush. I loved the chemistry between Shi Won and Yoon Jae. Shi-won still calling him Oppa , says that when they actually fight, cops have to be called. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity:

The Foxy Pilot Thai Drama. He just takes another breath. That or he become straight. Just wondering how you know it? And, yes, I totally agreed with the narration of YJ. Pretty late into the evening, the funeral hall has mostly cleared out, and Sung-jae tends to everything, sweetly covering Yoo-jung with a blanket. Cheese in the Trap Korean Drama. And then he kisses her again, and again, holding her hand.

The Movie Japanese Movie. Down With Love Taiwanese Drama. Freeter, Ie o Kau. The doctors leave and Shi-won tries to make a stealthy exit too, but Yoon-jae grabs her by the backpack like a stray puppy, and she cringes.

Because she was hilarious! Couldn’t wait to read GF thoughts too! The Sleeping Witch Korean Special. A few months later. All countries have a long way to go, but I will celebrate the minor successes to get to spisode ideal. Still, this drama is many ranks above most and there were too many good points for me to be sour. Lovely Complex Japanese Movie. But considering that Western shows often fail on all counts on the same things, I wouldn’t fault Korea more than the US or Great Britain.


He thanks her, which is a surprise, and says that Hyung must still be more comfortable with her.

It really is one of the best I ever watched. Full House Korean Drama. The finale definitely felt weaker than the previous episodes for a multitude of reasons. But when it was, man was this show amazingly accurate about the highs and lows of being young.

Medical Top Team Korean Drama. re;ly

D Without these recaps, I never would have discovered this show, and that would be a shame, since I think it’s my favourite of this year! Then he grabs the both of them by the hair and knocks them around, screaming and ranting all 133 again. Succeeding at first love is nice too. The Last 49 Days Korean Movie. Well that answers that question.

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fpisode The Last Empress Korean Drama. The Two Worlds Korean Movie. So I’m thankful for that. Surplus Princess Korean Drama. I don’t think he should have to suffer that much.

Either that or a guy thinks he’s gay because he falls for a girl in disguise my least favourite of all plots. He just pats Joon-hee on the shoulder, still holding him, as we fade out. Ah, you ARE making porn! Don’t Click Korean Movie. Joon-hee comes out and Shi-won offers to drop him off on their way. Postman To Heaven Korean Movie. Yoon-jae sits in kimchiidrama car, still reeling from the discovery.

Joon-hee looks up, and then hits the nail on the kimchidfama But what about Yoon-jae? I love you r character so much, if you were a real person I would run over and give you a hug and say everything is alright!!! But why does it have to end so soon? Anyway when i first saw the doctor i thought she’s rather familiar and did a lil bit of browsing. Click Your Heart Korean Drama. And Answer Me did that beautifully.


Answer Me Episode 16 (Final) ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Korean Drama. I actually felt this overwhelming sadness when watching the last 4 minutes; like, what? Mom and Dad wonder how Tae-woong found the time to come by, and urge him to go back to work. Sachiiro no One Room Japanese Drama.

Shinjitsu no Tobira Japanese Drama. I knew it was YJ, he was the one!!!! This show is just A better fit, for me. Tokyo Ghoul Japanese Movie. But the winner today is Yoon Yoon-jae, who treated his best friend the same, the day after and the day before he found out that Joon-hee liked him. Jin Jin Korean Kimcihdrama. I knew it would be you and not that I have anything against Tae-woong, but only you mimchidrama handled Shi-won.

I thought for sure we’d never find out how Yoon Jae broke his arm that bothered me and in the final scenes, BAM!