KorNk January 25, at 2: Jerome Noveda December 2, at 4: MrBizywow October 22, at 6: It was as if time itself flowed in reverse, turning the clock towards a moment that had passed years ago. ChaosOmega March 19, at 4: I like your insight into this series! My last question is if u know anything another high school DxD new. Denjora July 28, at 1:

But it is looking like things is not going to be like i expected. December 1, at 4: Though older works, like itazura na Kiss manages that. Very Ape December 11, at Sorata would face much more challenges dealing with Mashiro as compared to Nanami. Kaoru Suzuki Assistant Animation Director: I do like Nanami and I even cried when she finally gave up on Sorata and sincerely told Sorata to utter his genuine feelings to Mashiro the episode when Mashiro decided to go away from Sakura-sou. Viz and Kodansha have so many different series and there has to be a good amount that they aren’t making money on.

I thought Ryousuke, again sorry if I spelled his name wrong, was the best and the wisest character in the series.

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Tuan afif February 14, at 4: It was just too unbearably sad… Even while they still loved each other, they thought it was best if they parted ways. An one more think to throw on your plate.

Leave a comment Trackbacks 4 Comments Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Sorata Kanda. Just like Naruto and Hinata, Sorata and Mashiro make a great couple. She understand almost nothing other than art related subject. Make them grow up as they leave for college, and PLEASE let let Sorata and Mashiro end up together In fact I really the idea of Mashiro wanting to live with Sorata and produce manga while he continues to pursue producing games.


Giyanti February 6, at 1: You did really spoiled my Light novel ending, and for that, i thank you. Loltdr February 8, at 1: HaruKonpaku June 26, at 1: Kanna likes him and Iori is secretly jealous of him for multiple reasons, and through this Sorata realises in this profound way how Mashiro must have felt dealing with his jealousy. This week, Nick and Andy find out how this influential story has held up in Holland Youth Shin Megami Tensei: Game Reviews Columns incl.

Hithar October 9, at 7: Meanwhile, Nanami will be there as she always kajojo been, supporting Sorata as he moves through his senior year, develops his games, and struggles with his changing relationship with Mashiro. Bryci February 5, at Seriously, your ending is amazing!!! Venus 1 21, at 2: I am glad that I stumbled upon this post regarding the light novels.

But music and writing? Nanami being kicked out of Sakurasou: This LN understands reality and people, because it means much more to be understood first than just to layout the words, eventually it will just slam right on your face and will do no good. And that makes you want to try doing something too. Here is the link http: Logiickk March 8, at 4: Anurag September 16, at 1: Based on what you said up there, they will ruined the entire experience in season 1 if they force to make the sequel.

Patrick Brown from Deviantart fan October 17, at Jediiieeeee December 2, at 3: What I do like about the anime is that it was never, in my mind, completely predictable, except perhaps for the Mashiro and Sorata relationship aspect. Do they have a sketch or a picture of the grown up Mashiro and the others? At least from an anime perspective.


Hidek March 11, at 3: DamionDDX June 13, at 3: Sakura Dormitory is a dorm of the high school affiliated with Suimei University of the Arts often shortened as Suikowhich hosts the strangest, most trouble-making students.

It was more like he was distancing himself from her again and running away from the root of the problem. I found your blog article last evening.

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I would like to think he would continue working hard even nq his depression. But I did not like the part that the two had sex and morning after conversation in beginning of vol I was satisfied with the ending. A August 17, at 9: MrBizywow October 22, at She comes back to Japan and finally, Sakurasou is whole again.

Anonymous February 6, at 4: That to me, is a better conclusion for Nanami. But i want to share every bits of it since Sakurasou is one of my most appreciated LNs.