A couple of notes; I actually first saw this film on local channel 14, one of two Spanish speaking stations at the time here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and it was odd that a German production with a multi-ethnic cast of Germans, Greeks and Turks, should air on a channel catering to Mexican immigrants. The Turkish government owned the western half. Sophia -Athens dedication to Heinrich on back Despite considerable opposition, including from King George I of Greece , Schliemann saw the project through. COM has chosen English as your language setting. Another article presented similar criticisms when reporting on a speech by University of Pennsylvania scholar C. Heinrich Schliemann was a complex character, part dreamer and part genius in disguise.

Agamemnon and Sophia-Baden Baden 39 years old Despite considerable opposition, including from King George I of Greece , Schliemann saw the project through. Mycenae pages written upside down. His excavations were condemned by later archaeologists as having destroyed the main layers of the real Troy. Start your free trial. Unfortunately, no one ever followed through with this plan.

He asked his wife to join him, but she refused. Folder 2 Personal notes 23 documents 1. To facilitate research, we have created an alphabetical list of incoming correspondents.

Societas Anthropologicae Germanorum framed Sophia Engastromenos Heino Ferch The discoveries of Schliemann and Evans. In addition to the Heinrich Schliemann Papers are two adjunct collections of papers: Eight sections dated Apr.

Schliemann, 10 letters and two newspaper clippings. The Turkish government owned the western half.

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Archived from the original on June 9, As he had divorced Ekaterina inhe advertised for a wife in a newspaper in Athens. Wilhelm, Konig von Freu Preussen, Wiessbaden 6. Folder 9 Diplomas given to Sophia a. Diary America, Cuba 20 Oct.


Der geheimnisvolle Schatz von Troja

The house, named the Iliou Melathron in honor of Troy, was finished in and still stands—one of the finest examples of Schlkemann architecture in Athens today. His other excavations were also significant and include important sites such as Mycenae, Tiryns, and Orchomenos. Schliemann wrote in the language of the country he was troha whenever possible, and thus the diaries include passages in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, and Turkish.

Sophia Schliemann in Paris -another copy of above In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. In he made formal steps towards trooja study of ancient Greece by enrolling in archaeology courses at the Sorbonne in Paris.

Handwritten notes and booklets of accounts. On June 2,the descendants of the Melas Family donated 40 original photographs and 6 copies of photographs of Fi,m Schliemann and various family members.

Heinrich Schliemann Finding-Aid

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Academy of Athens trojx medal in the Melas Collection. On April 7,he sold his business and returned to Russia.

Heinrich -Athens, A 2. Victoria Engastromenos Dennis Chmelensky A friend, the Archbishop of Athens, suggested a relative of his, year-old Sophia Engastromenos — For other uses, see Schliemann disambiguation. Schliemann began work on Troy in In an article schliemann The Classical WorldD.


The frieze circling the outside of the mausoleum shows Schliemann conducting the excavations at Mycenae and other sites.

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Copybooks of Letters Series C: Georgios Vimbos Aykut Kayacik Schliemann with two of their children-Schwerin Folder 4 Schilemann Schliemann 4. Newspaper Clippings Series I: Schliemann is buried in the First Cemetery of Athens in a mausoleum he designed himself.

Various offers for marble works, construction of a library at the Iliou Melathron The papers remained in this state until when Archivist Christina Vardas, with the aid of a grant from the Demos Foundation in Chicago, began to systematically catalogue the vast Schliemann Papers.

Due to financial hardship, he broke off his studies as a young man and began a schlieamnn apprenticeship. Power of attorney, Heinrich Schliemann to John Kastromenos for the Athens tribunal 1 document 5. Sophia and Andromache selling poppies as a fund raiser for Soteria Hospital-Print Andromache [L] and Sophia [R] -Schwanenplatz Diary Greece, Turkey, Troy 27 Feb. German businessman and a pioneer of field archaeology.

The Trojw Society of Literature The Imperial Russian Museum in Russian 2. Schliemann needed an assistant who was knowledgeable in matters pertaining to Greek culture.