I think part of it is worth quoting:. Poe replied, “unless he tells you to call him Montgomery. Not that this is something they need to worry about, there’s no way Stephano is going to be anywhere near as nice as Monty. The Baudelaire orphans find themselves in a very strange town, and under suspicion for murdering Count Olaf. The information below is included in your interlibrary loan request. Poe rubs away the powder on Stephano’s ankle to reveal the eye tattoo, proving Stephano was Olaf. The Baudelaire orphans go to a very severe school where Olaf poses as a physical education instructor to try to get them.

And then they meet their new guardian. Poe to take the orphans to a new home. A review at AudioFile gave the audiobook an “Earphones Award”, calling it “fabulously funny” and complimenting Curry’s “enormous talents”. WikiSummaries, free book summaries. For a moment the children must be wondering if their new guardian is as crazy as the old one. When Stephano, the successor of the original assistant Gustav arrives, the children realize he is Count Olaf in disguise.

Click’s Clan: Chapter-by-Chapter: The Reptile Room, Chapter 2

Poe continued, “I think you will find the countryside to be a pleasant change. Poe said, coughing again into his handkerchief. The information below is included in your interlibrary loan request. Everything is going great when suddenly Lucafont summarise hook handed man in disguise helps him get away, leaving Mr.

Sunny, the youngest of the Baudelaire orphans, often talked like this, as infants tend to cnapter. This uncle is actually nice to them and they enjoy him until Count Olaf is in the picture again. The children debate about what ‘giddy’ means, speculating that he’s excited about going to Peru, getting a new assistant or being the Baudelaires’ guardian.

Life is hard, they learn, and they’d better get used to it, because it’s not getting any easier. Mr Poe is the one who is driving them to their new guardian. It was often difficult to tell what she meant to say.


They manage seres talk to Monty alone the day before their trip to Peru, but Monty is convinced that Stephano is a spy trying to steal information from his research and fails to understand their claims that Stephano is Olaf. The Reptile Room, Chapter 3. It is called Lousy Lane. The children are fascinated by the many snakes in the “Reptile Room”, a giant hall in which Monty’s reptile collection is stored.

It seemed like that eye was watching the Baudelaire orphans wherever they went. Mr Poe drives the three Baudelaire children to their new guardian, Dr.

The Baudelaire orphans find themselves in a very strange town, and under suspicion for murdering Count Olaf. What does this tell us?

A Series of Unfortunate Events 2: The series begins with the three children losing their parents in a fire. Posted by Click at This series is filled with acronyms. There are good things happening to the children. Violet is given doom job of inventing traps for new snakes found in Peru, Klaus is told to read books on snakes to help unfortuate Uncle Monty, and Sunny’s job is to bite ropes into usable pieces. The Reptile Room, Chapter 1. I kind of struggled to find things to say about this chapter, mainly because I was reading it late at night, having taken painkillers and finding my eyes kept trying to close against my will.

The Baudelaires continue their sad adventures in “The Reptile Room. We get to learn a little more about the fantastic creatures in the Unfortinate Room. Poe realised that Stephano was Count Olaf in disguise, Olaf escaped, trying to think of another plan to steal the Baudelaire Fotune.

The Reptile Room – A Series of Unfortunate Events 2 Book Summary and Study Guide

unfrotunate Available now wherever books are sold. Mr Poe warns the children against ridiculing the guy about his dodgy name, which is obviously something that the Baudelaires are civilised enough not to do. The Baudelaire orphans go to work at a lumber mill where everyone is paid very poorly — in coupons that are worth nothing, in gum, etc.


Poe, a banker, comes to give them the news of their parents demise and take charge of them. Retrieved from ” https: I am sorry to tell you that this story begins with the Baudelaire orphans traveling along this most displeasing road, and that from this moment on, the story only gets worse.

Eventually, the children are able to escape, and though the children are not still under Olaf’s care, he is still intent on finding them and stealing their money.

He was caught just in time, but he escaped and vowed to get ahold of the Baudelaire fortune sometime in the future. The Baudelaire orphans find an ally and climb a mountain, only to find that the place they summaries would help them has been attacked and destroyed.

Montgomery telling them stories.

The Reptile Room – Chapter 1 Summary & Analysis

Just to rub in how happy the children are with Uncle Monty, so we really appreciate it when everything goes wrong as usual, we get more. Lucafont arrives ov performs an autopsy, claiming Monty was killed by the Mamba du Mal.

The children, however, are dubious to the fact that Olaf is actually a relative. Views Read Edit View history. Olaf is finally dispatched. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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