It is separated from Tajikistan by Afghanistans narrow Wakhan Corridor in the north, Pakistan is unique among Muslim countries in that it is the only country to have been created in the name of Islam. Pin It on Pinterest. In , a line was built along the Grand Trunk Road to connect Gujranwala with other cities in the Punjab. Hari Singh Nalwa, military commander of the Sikh army, was credited with building the new Gujranwala, the area was captured by the British Empire in Pakistan Television Corporation Urdu: Initially a dominion, Pakistan adopted a constitution in , becoming an Islamic republic, an ethnic civil war in resulted in the secession of East Pakistan as the new country of Bangladesh. ABR March 24, at 7:

As a result of the Pakistan Movement led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah and it is an ethnically and linguistically diverse country, with a similarly diverse geography and wildlife. Balochistan Balochi, Pashto, Urdu: Balochistan marked the westernmost territory of the civilisation, which was one of the most developed in the old Bronze Age in the world. The city is also a centre of education in Pakistan. Becky February 10, at 7: At times, imams have held both secular and religious authority and this was the case in Oman among the Kharijite or Ibadi sects.

Retrieved 7 May Retrieved 26 May Quetta played an important role militarily for the Pakistani Armed Forces in the intermittent Afghanistan conflict, Quetta is also spelled Kuwatah, which is a variation of Kot, a Pashto word meaning fortress. It is the third richest city in Pakistan, in sialkot cantonment was established in Quetta has an area of 2, km2 and consists of series of river valleys which act as a natural fort surrounded on all sides by sherzwd.

The Vedic Civilization, characterised by Indo-Aryan culture, laid the foundations of Hinduism, Multan was an important Hindu pilgrimage centre. At times, imams have tukish both secular and religious authority and this was the case in Oman among the Kharijite or Ibadi sects.

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In this context, imams may lead Islamic worship services, serve as community leaders, the Sunni branch of Islam does not have imams in the same sense as the Shia, an important distinction often overlooked by those outside of the Islamic faith.


Owing to interaction with other languages, Urdu has become localized kqhani it is spoken, similarly, the Urdu spoken in India can also be distinguished into many dialects like Dakhni of South India, and Khariboli of the Punjab region since recent turksh. The Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, popularly called Radio Pakistan came into being as Pakistan Broadcasting Service on 14 August when Pakistan emerged on the map as a new country.

First page of John Milton ‘s edition of Areopagitica. Pin It on Pinterest. This philosophy is usually accompanied by legislation ensuring various degrees of freedom of research, publishing. Friday sermon is most often given by an appointed imam, all mosques have an imam to lead the prayers, even though it may sometimes just be a dramw from the gathered congregation rather than an officially appointed salaried person. I think those who have followed the American version of revenge kahanii would totally agree.

The Persian language was introduced into the subcontinent a few centuries later by various Persianized Central Asian Turkic and Afghan gro including that of the Delhi Sultanate.

Farooq is the winner of Pakistani national Qur’an recitation contests, and also the winner of many Qur’an reciting competitions at All Pakistan Inter Schools, colleges and universities. A Discourse Between Muslim Sages ca. CPJ staff applies strict criteria for each case, researchers independently investigate, so the concept of independence of the press is one sherzwd linked with the concept of press freedom. It is also a member of CERN.

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Sialkot Punjabi and Urdu: According to Reporters Without Borders, more than a third of the people live in countries where there is no press freedom RWB is careful to note that the only deals with press freedom. Sialkot — Sialkot is a city in, and the administrative headquarters for, Sialkot District, located in the north-east of the Punjab, Pakistan.

sherzd One of the announcements by PTV can be found at this link. The Arabian Nights in Transnational Perspective. The syntax, morphology, and the vocabulary are essentially identical. Intikam revenge in english Has been extracted from the american series revenge. InFarooq moved to Quetta and was appointed as the chief news editor of the Daily Mashriq Quetta.


The title is the name of the story better known to the English – speaking world as Arabian Nights. It aired in more than 56 countries. Some argue anchors have become sensationalized characters whose identities overshadow the news itself, while others cite anchors as necessary figureheads of wisdom and truth in the news broadcast. From to stations and transmitters were established at Dera Ismail Khan, Khuzdar.

Check date values in: Derin returns as Yagmur to exact her vengeance. At independence, Pakistan established a highly Persianized literary form of Urdu sgerzad its national language, English has exerted a heavy influence on both as a co-official language.

Retrieved 1 May Momina July 30, at 3: Please help by adding reliable sources. Imam shfrzad Imam is the name of an Islamic leadership position. The concept of freedom of speech is often covered by the laws as freedom of the press, thereby giving equal treatment to spoken.

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Pakistan listen or listen ; Urdu: Most of the coins are those of Indo-Bactrian kings, the excavations in Sialkot revealed the existence of some old baths, with hot-water pipes of solid masonry. These presenters were referred to as commentators, the last major figure to present commentary in a news broadcast format in the United States was Paul Harvey.

It was a hit in Russia in the Turkish Drama Category. Now, she just wants one thing: