I went so nuts over this episode, but it also makes me wonder how the love triangle will turn out to be now that I feel it’s pretty ovbious Young-ju lost a looot of points for skipping past Nana.. And Yoonsung has been in love with Nana since her saw her picture 7 years ago – he’s only been falling deeper from the beginning. Forever be grateful for the re-caps you give and your thoughts. He takes a step closer to her. After watching the 1st and 2nd episodes of this show. I nearly cried when i saw blood dripping down from YS’s arm

I think i’ve found my crack of the year. However, I just cannot stop watching the show because it is an interesting watch and addictive. I feel that it will be how YJ will know YS is the city hunter, and maybe confront him about it which later lead to them really working as partners. The officer explains that the eye witness was drunk that night, and has revised his story. And the final moment of choice, highlighting the vast difference between Yoon-sung and Young-ju? He takes a step closer to her. While the girls head to the bathroom, Yoon-sung meets with Ajusshi, who treats his wound and brings his meds. Da Hae is harmless, and as much as that sort of character usually annoys me, I find Gu Hara kind of endearing.

Everyone with me now: Featherbird91 June 19, at 4: Episode 3 by Regals. Is anyone else having a Duh Lightbulb moment here? Why so cool, Show? He sighs, watching her go. I think that this drama is refreshing in that we kprean going to see any second-lead drama. Google search says its some kind of spider or stuff but I am sure its not that ; Could anyone explain?

Nana leads Seo Yong-hak out a different way… leading straight to the same corridor where Yoon-sung ends up. He sees Sae-hee asleep, hunched over at her desk. Lee min ho did a great job She looks over and sees Ajusshi making his exit, and her face goes white. Is he that cold-blooded to choose work over Nana He turns to leave but then stops in his tracks at the sight of Yoon-sung, sitting there wearing his suit and smirking up at him.


Ajusshi finally escapes, riding the subway back and offending others with his dumpster smell. May I know the name of the book and the author?

She crumbles on the spot and cries, powerless to do anything and totally alone. Another Bourne similarity, gun avoidant. Dude, this is totally not the tactic you want to go with. He comes out and finds Nana in the kitchen, but freezes in his tracks at the sight of her in nothing but his white shirt. Raine June 19, at 8: Da-hae decides that she must sing, so they head to a noraebang and she sings a ballad and then plops down next to Yoon-sung, telling him that she cried while singing.

It never accured to me. He drops her off at home in the morning. What if his nightmare turns into reality? I now obssess with this series as well, i need to find information about next episode and rewatch previous episode over n over ’cause can’t wait for 5 days for next wednesday episode to air.

MMNN June 21, at 9: Thank you for the lovely recap. Episode 12 by LollyPip. Thanks so much for the amazing recap gf! How come MIT doctor is so bad at hiding his virtual footprints? DKM June 19, at 8: He proceeds to do that one most badass of things… He digs the bullet out of his own goddamn back. We don’t need second lead syndrome to come now. Timel June 19, at 7: He’s father put Nana in the world she lives now and he tries to make up for it.

Neoreul irheotdeon sigangwa geuapeum modu daijeobwa Ijebuteo sijagiya neowa hamkke Tteonaboneun geoya dallyeoganeun geoya loving you forever Almost Paradise achimboda deo nunbusin Nal hyanghan neoui sarangi onsesang da gajindeutae. I don’t think we’re gonna see her crushing on Prosecuter Prince ;p And Yoonsung has been in love with Nana since her saw her picture 7 years ago – he’s cingu been falling deeper from the beginning.


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Your son was SHOT. Right now, as I am reading this, I am saving kdrama files I have downloaded to my laptop to an external hard drive.

I do like YS and Nana together they are showing their developing relationship and what makes them tick. Why, what have you heard? I’m agree with everything you said. Extremely Sorry I am promoting.

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A verification email has been sent to your new email address. The bigger the stakes, the better the conflict. I can do with a literal cliffhanger every now and then: We saw his earlier trauma being asked to shoot his foster mother. He steadies his gun to take a shot, but his hand trembles and he finally puts it down, too rattled to fire. Situs ini menggunakan cookie.

They both were after Seo but he had NaNa which made things more complicated. I mean there fpisode no reason for YJ to think that YS would care enough about Nana to save her rather than run after his target.

Love the man and this drama. She walks him out and they say their goodbyes, which is right when Nana walks up and sees them smiling at each other. I totally agree about the chemistry between YS and epiaode vet. But the more immediate question is how the hell is he going to survive the next two hours?

Wonder what he’s going to do to Nana, got a bad feeling