Please remember this is a remake of an older drama. Could recognise that it was Ailee’s voice though.. I’ve done some brief reading about this disease and they should have tested Gun for its presence way back when. Granted, we’re not rewatching it anytime soon. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. He dismisses them both, but calls Mi-young back again to ask if she knows about this mysterious ring he found.

Boxed-In August 7, at 4: The possibilities are endless. What the hell is going on right now? When Se Ra got the phone call about getting the part she left Gun preparing a proposal and ran to New York. All that said and done, however, I don’t think I’m re-watching this episode any time soon. It took a lot for her to stand up to Mom and after reading the news that Gun’s marriage is a sham along with being told by Dr. If they were going to bring the amnesia then why not make it last longer? I did X for u and so u need to reciprocate.

Epiisode just can’t take another amnesia Yes, this was one of the better uses of the amnesia trope I’ve seen, if you’re going to wedge it in there, this was a less annoying way to do it. He had never questioned that the first time around. Oh, I forgot Thirteen got on a clinical trial, not that she had her genetic tests done. I’m so with you, Gummimochi.

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Mi-young arrives at the hospital with her arms full of clothes, sinkpsis, and food. He asks for her name and remarks how pleasant it sounds. As much as I hate amnesia as a plot device, this episode is absolutely brilliant in clearing the way for the second chapter of LG’s and KMY’s story.

Never thought I’d see this level of incest in screenwriting.

Sinopsis Drama The King 2 Hearts Episode 1-20 (Tamat)

At the beginning, Se Ra wasn’t really anyone to blame and throughout the show, she didn’t really do much to break Gun and MY’s relationship. D So yes, for siopsis the amnesia trope was used pretty well, actually.


Thanks for the speedy recap Gummi! I am absolutely in awe of him. I was feeling weary with the amnesia plot not again! For a while there, I wondered if they were showing us Episode 12 by mistake. He does, however, have a belated eureka moment: Ha, I totally forgot about that. But oh well it was solved quickly here and even in TL it didn’t last that long so all is well Mom continues voicing her disappointment in Gun, noting how episose of them have seen a trace of him. I find it ironic that Se Ra’s attempts to show her intimacy with him led Gun to see the heart shaped candy and remember everything.

Lets not act like MY wasnt on the verge og collapse the elisode major times that people mostly that stupid lawyer really went in on her and whereas MY has her mom, siblings, family and best friend to defend her it seems like SeRa has ever only had herself and then she had Gun but in that moment she was being told that she didnt belong with Gun and if not with him and not with ballet and definitely not with her mom Mi-young apologizes, and he asks how she could stick to that lie when they made headlines not too long ago.

Everything you just said! Sorry for the great lengths I’ve gone to. Gun barges in just then, worried about his health.

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Even when they use the amnesiac trope they do it in such a classy way, keeping it for a short duration so while we agonize over Gun forgetting his precious snail and being cold to her; we also see that he’s so in love with her, he can’t help remembering that there is something or someone so important that he’d forgotten.

Just some drugs to contorl the movement. I am surprised Se Ra even wants to be with him knowing he has this probability in his future. I was disappointed with this episode.


Just once, however, why don’t we let the heroine have a ride on the trope-train? FTLY has been very orthodox with its choices, but has displayed exceptional finesse with their execution.

Which is the only aspect of that show that i found remotely interesting. Se-ra is displeased to see Mi-young hanging around Gun at the hospital after their talk. If you had an opportunity to go back in sramatized and erase everything, memories included, would you still do things the same way? So he had lot more common courtesy than she ever had. This next bit was, for reasons I can’t explain here without spoiling it, my favorite part of the whole original drama.

That’s why the xrays of Gun’s brain was in Dr. Moonbean August 7, at 6: I was so looking forward to it. She really isn’t up to loving him in the selfless way people who have this type of disease need.

So my anger dissipated quickly. Did I, by any chance, make that offer?

Z August 7, at 3: At the time, I thought that he was absolutely unique. Yikes, my metaphor also feels like a rip-off of FTLY’s theme. Never in a million years could I have imagined that a person ordering kkng and donuts in his eipsode and green polka dotted pyjamas could be so D Heartache, heartache, and more heartache. Trot Lovers and now this Just finished watching episode 12 and if you thought this was a rough ride, just wait for episode I have to say if you have to do amnesia, this is the way to do it.