The T makes an excellent individual, Dr. Edmondson, President better job if fed early when cattle need it. AN It was the first year the show-which has previously been held at the Sumter County Farmers Market in Webster-had occupied the new pavilion facilities which are near Beville’s Corner, three miles north of Webster. With Europe being a big market potential for the company, Gamakatsu decided to create its own distribution center, Spro BV, in The Netherlands. This will be fol- are adjustable to admit any size of calf lowed by a cake sale which in past years for feeding. One in five uniots perfatrm.

I on th St. Lyle Hereford Ranch, Bartow, Fla. The above two supplements make it possible for you to provide much needed energy and protein as a supplement to your winter pastures. Box 22, Louisville 1, Ky. On the tour they will meet such men as President Eisenhower, and Raymond C. Hudgins of Fair of Texas. We may have a buyer for your cattle now.

For that reason, we are publishing 0 Families in our herd include the fol- herewith the names of those breeders lowing: Left to right are: Over now in use in Florida. Through Swift and Comnpany Exhibit crop nutrients without the danger of Mail the coupon for free folder, and bloat. Albonetti of the haectndurdmehyfotei Uhesas ToadS.

LL White Beauty junior chanisteer, best fitted animal, and the best pion, reserve grand champion ; Summer yearlings: Stan Haworth will auctioneer the sale, which starts at MM’s ex- safety advantages like shear bolts on the flywheel and 3 clusive pivoting packer distributes as it packs P sion to all plants notifying them that, after October A8, any secret discounts, protects them against rebates or concessions to customers would weight loss.

There is cused of trying to “wreck the Milk Commission, upset the dairy innone in storage in their plant and they are unable to keep up with dustry in Florida,” and other ridiculous charges. Field fence mileage was under three miles in Along with its full Diesel engine it offers a sixspeed transmission, giving six forward and two reverse speed. A- ship with Delightful Dot. Some of the highlights that have attracted Cattlemen are: Heine, Ocala, and now well established with some of the lesson to keep this type in mind, we Lang-Lawless Cattle Company, Winter better breeding animals among North will feel that the Herd Bull number is Haven.


Henderson, Dade City, Fla.

Emperor Manso 24 grand championA. Box o roximately 25o, and that Col. LAasCK We feel that we have aided many and it down if owners of “problem” cattle ity and thickness prevent leakage Adams is our desire to aid many, many more.

Cove Springs to inspect and was fifth high individual, while Louis Trad of Bunnell placed third in our herd of recorded sheep. And to be of value it must relieve the farmer of drudgcry.

In the dairy show Velda Farms of Tallahassee captured all the Guernsey awards. Their get and service will be featured.

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Made of finest quality heavy weight, natural It is floated in deep water by the large russet saddle leather. The seed is also covered in this operation, giving earlier grazing. Keys; Keys; Produce of dam: Our chief herd sire, A lbacrata Jr. BoxWinter Haven. Giddens of Webster is chairman of the show. The year-round grazing comes about as a result of a combination of the earlier growth and the dependable Farmall H with side delivery rake is useful in hay making aboveand growth of each.

Its big inch blades, spaced 9 feeding or silage. Lee; This included all of the sale hogs with lenkins: I herd at Odessa, near Apro.


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Welles, Presidetit, Arcadia February Referring to our new Economy Lundell Chopper, the ad shows a photogTaph of one of the choppers in action at Triple E Ranch near Holopaw stating that “two of the machines are being used with more than -satisfactory results. Phone Apalachicola W W.

Cash with order, or 4 down, re- tor for the company’s all-wheel-drive mainder COD, please. We have been selling on eBay since April of Strict compliance with the low chandise will sell at all times.

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These 6o head have been feeding from it since that time, and not one minute’s labor has been required! It’s the right kind of breeding to buy!

The nual Suwannee Valley Swine Show held dredweight. Those Sore Eyes of Cattle Demand for a given item of farm equipment or machinery will depend perhaps in the tezt analysis on its ability to give its owner more leisure and at the same time raise his standard of living. The full list ow tucsaergig uit prfarm; Barns He of such famed sires as Bapton Battleship, of a Shorthorn bull. George Ferri, Brickell Ave.

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VelVa Haven, it is reported. Census of Agriculture for of readers reported they had sheds or Irrigation pipe Pea- ports Negro County Agent E. Brahman Published monthly by Cody Publications, Inc. Lykes, Treating Plant R.