Regarding Soetandyo Award, Prof. In his dissertation, the Head of Master program of Law Universitas Narotama focused on regional autonomy. There was friendly atmosphere with laughter during the activity. In the end, the joint formulation of communication science education can be produced. I manage the time between study and career and practices in the afternoon until evening. Promoting Research to Improve Competitiveness. They were pessimistic at first, when they were waiting for the announcement for the semifinal rounds, but their pessimism gone after the judges chose them as one of qualifying team for the final. After graduating, Anggi has already a scholarship to continue his master program in Thailand.

Fardhan said that his unit has made preparation for three months. Viviani practiced in two places, in her club and at UKM. The ship 27 m in length and 7 m in width, will be ready next February. Speaking about academic life, he confessed that finishing his undergraduate thesis was a struggle. In junior high school, I tried and fortunately accepted. Consequently, the accounting professor from Faculty of Economy and Business hoped that the researchers will direct their future researches to produce certain output or outcome. They are awarded to students who are finishing their thesis, master thesis or dissertation on pluralism, social justice, law and human rights and also democracy.

The attendees were welcomed to ask directly and directly answered communicatively. Learning has no novvember, used to sharpen mind. One of achievements at international level was their success competing in a science competition in Taiwan.

Moh Nasih also expressed his gratitude to the participants and committee for three days excellent exhibition. Proceedings on the mechanisms were also distributed. Vomedy was her mother who piqued her interest to try acceleration class. Wiryanti also challenged them to make a play about Samin people. In the seminar, the first session was moderated by Dr. Formal occasion was diminished by his egalitarian style. Beside the parents of graduates, there were Prof. Rector also viewed good improvement stanr the quality of this organization.


They have a bright future. Sri Sumarni explained that participants were students or practitioners contributing in the researches and 89 abstracts were submitted, 52 of them were presented to get Best Oral and Best Poster.

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Kito iki bangsa Indonesia, ojok sampek ngelalekno sejarahe bangsa kito, lan kudu diluruhi karo kaum mudo. D, explained that the activation is promoted to improve awareness on human resources expertise in UNAIR. Garuda Mukti Hall which usually used for sacred ceremony such as Oath Comesy and Professorship Awarding was full of laughter and intimacy.

To get to A, accreditation, we in Faculty of Vocational Studies had worked very hard. Ynair Government Scholarship Beihang University.

Through the event, Yuslihul hoped that the small contribution made by her and team can bring great changes for the nation.

In the first session, there were Prof.

Boost the Publication Dr. Moreover, she also applies for a teaching position in some university in her spare time.

Human Rights Practitioner and Sociologist Imam Prasodjo Receives Soetandyo Award

They made simple biosystemwhich measures water quality of Kalimas. He knew well, a good school does not nuair make the students achieve good marks at national exam but also to take them to state universities.

In her opinion, academic and non academic should run together. Not only going sightseeing, they also had a discussion with Gerakan Melukis Harapan. There was no technical problems during the test.

Before the competition, Viviani has made a routine preparation. Page 18 of 23 Start Prev 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Next End. So they will know the philosophy and story. This is the second biggest point after Michael Jonatan, another acclaimed graduate from the Faculty of Medicine whose SKP amounts to 7, point.

Kito iki bangsa Indonesia, ojok sampek ngelalekno sejarahe bangsa kito, lan kudu diluruhi karo kaum mudo.

Promoting Research to Improve Competitiveness

In his opinion, this CBT could minimize cheats. In order to support her perfect graduation, Ginang compiled a thesis with a linear relation to her final essay in the bachelor program. Si as the head of the committee, the theme was aimed to find ideas novrmber how to create healthy campus either physically or unir and also create excellent atmosphere of learning. The systematic idea mapping will show their ability in transferring their ideas into illustration or writing and performance is related to public speaking, which supports the scoring.


Indonesia is rich of herbal plants.

Si, appreciated the event which has been held for the last four yyears. Anggi, who scored 3. Rania had wanted to live independently and study out of the province. Viviani admitted that her father, a former athlete, introduced her to table tennis.

Asked for his tips to be the best, FH lecturer of Universitas Narotama Surabaya has a simple principle, love for knowledge.

He admitted that it needed a great deal of time to inform and look for couples which meet the requirements and they expected to make their marriages official. Second, for QS ranking, we should not foget that 20 percent of it was based on the citations. He even asked them to run a simulation of the accreditation process. Hery said that he and his team have collected any researches performed tsand lecturers and students.

Beside knowing the unqir condition, theories learned novembet classes can be understood better. It is natural for Indonesia to be the pioneer in herbal medicine development. Nasih looked like a celebrity as many attendees requested for snapshots with him.

With more qualified human resources. I manage the time between study and career and practices in the afternoon until evening.