Eight teams are invited from all over Alaska to compete in our Spring invitational. Qualifiers are open to any teams made up from university students in the UK. Max League was created as an even ground so that talented newcomers can perform and achieve great things. Each team will battle their way to the top and attempt to win three matches in a row for a “killing spree”. Th second season of the Torresmo Legacy League gives amateur teams in Brazil an opportunity to play for a prize pool! This is the chinese Pro-qualifier which includes 32 matches. One of the largest telecommunications giants holding the tournament supported by Siberian Fanatic Games Rostelecom Cup – absolutely free Siberian League teams for beginners, with a prize fund of 90 rubles on games like Dota 2, CS: The top 4 Thai teams compete for the champion’s seat in a double elimination Bo 3 format.

Established teams and challengers meet in four cups, followed by group stage playoffs and live event finals – giving you dozens of great matches casted by TobiWan and others. The first online League in the Middle East. Follow the latest news on our website and in the vk. Watch eight of the top Nordic teams compete in a three-month long season for a 30, SEK prize pool and merchandise from Plantronics and Razer. Let the games begin! Invenglobal News Letter Subscribe now to get the latest esports news from Inven Global straight to your inbox Subscribe now.

The first season of the tournament Lucky Coin.

Dota 2 League IDs List

Open qualifiers of 64 teams around Australia competing against each other until only 8 teams remain! KeyTV is bringing Esports to a whole new level, taking the dota2 competition to mkd cruise ship. This league is designed for college students to create cultural exchange platform. Astralis Liquid February 17, – Coming soon, Requiem Autumn, a split-division tournament to help new players and established amateur teams alike have a taste of competitive Dota.

The top 8 teams from Pakistan battle to claim themselves as the top team in Pakistan and their part of the prize pool. The winner walks away with the lion’s share of at least 4, with a chance for the grand prize to reach 10, February 24, – Amateur teams will compete for a prize!


The purpose of the VP gambling tournament tournamennt to increase the cooperation between VP games and Dota 2 in order for users to casually enjoy the game of Dota 2 through the format of a tournament. At least 16 teams will play finap each other every tournamdnt for a prize pool of MYR. All players welcome to start to learn more about captains mode and leagues. Watch the top team matches of Season 1.

Casual gamers, cyber athletes, comic book fans and cosplayers unite as the annual fibal festival takes the country by storm. Starting on the 21st and concluding on the 23rd, the tournament will put eight of the best Oceanic teams against each other to battle for a PantheonES Cup Title. In the third season of the tournament 32 teams from around the world will compete for the amazing prizes and the title of champion of our league.

This is the fifth season of the Russian league Weekend Cup. An Australian tournament targeting the Amateur teams of the region to help them learn, grow, and to further promote Australian DotA 2.

SteelSeries Euro Cup is back for Season 2! Nation gamers tournaments start with this first ticket, where you can enjoy several tournaments in a single ticket to see all the skills and strategies of the amateur teams of Peru.

The top teams in the Balkan compete to become champion’s of the Serbian Premier League tournamenh a prize! The 5th season of the Amateur Dota 2 League is an open league where players compete for in-game items. Four of the top Dota 2 teams from around the word compete during the DreamHack Bucharest Invitiational Tournament. Unleash the beast let the war begin.

The second season of the Far Eastern league, ” Eclipse” which consists of two stages: AbsoluteArena King of the Hill is a tournament consisting of a weekly match-up between two teams in a best-of-5 format.

This is an amateur french tournament. An amateur league for Neogaffers and others to play in a pseudo-competitive team-based and friendly! Sign up now https: Even among those four teams, only the top 2 can lay their hands on the cash prize. This year is the first which will include Dota 2 and the tournament will be organized by Dota 2 Bulgaria. Newly promoted teams have joined each respective tier.


The top twelve teams in the western world battle it out six days a week for eleven total weeks live with commentary by Ayesee and Draskyl.

The Yolo Tournament 3 arrivesin time for winter.

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The number of teams is limited. More than 32 teams and players fight for the championship. Watch as they game fiercely to win a chance to be sponsored by the big names in corporate alliance!

We are looking forward to a great many years together as partners. Renegades 3 – 2 eolo 0 0: A league for Starladdsr teams to play competitively for a prize pool of MYR! A match is won when a team gets its first victory best of 1.

Dota 2 League IDs – Dota 2 Prize Pool Tracker

Each day the top three games will be broadcasted. FoxBox Open is the first open online tournament from FoxBox, where 32 teams will compete for a tournameny pool of rubles. The global Dota 2 league for everyone.

This tournament will be casted by Beyond The Summit. The Summit is a global Dota 2 event! The Battle of the Five Runes is a collection of five tournaments, all with a different rune attached to it, which will determine the challenge.

It’s an open league with up to 50 teams competing for a prize.

This ticket only gives you access to view games in the Dota2. This tournament is proudly sponsored by Intel Indonesia. The WePlay League is swries with Season 4!