You can have 10 open requests at any time, and can view them from the shipping information icon on bottom screen above diary , ‘Note’ will replace the ‘??? You do not have to rush to do this or anything, but they must be met in a certain order. He’s just a little tired, that’s all. Unlike most of the items you have obtained, you can’t keep Eda’s turnips- she’ll cook them up instead. You will start to receive solicitations in Fall of year 2. Now that you’ve stopped running, Klaus asks why you were running away.

Press ‘A’ to use- hold ‘A’ to walk while using the hoe. The company selected “Story of Seasons” as the title for its now self-published series. He’s glad you like it, but after you’ve eaten the whole thing, he realizes that he forgot to add the lemon sauce! You can’t marry someone of your own gender, yet you can customize your character with all available options for both genders. Digital – Pros The game is stored right on your system. Even though Raeger has had girlfriends in the past, he’s never loved anyone as much as you. Naturally this is completely your fault, I mean, how dare you leave your farm right? Natsume now uses the ‘Harvest Moon’ title for their own spinoff games.

Starting Out and Basic Game Information

You can get married in the game, and each gender has six available marriage candidates. Whenever you go into a shop for the first time during business hours, you will get an introductory event. Pets have some different interactions. You’ll also can grow special Nintendo-themed crops. After you leave, Raeger tells himself that he thought he was used to others refusing to cook for him, but hearing it from you really hurt his feelings. You have three family members, two who visit your house while you prove to your father xtory you can become a great farmer.

They don’t notice you, but Mistel sees you standing there, and comments on how his sister and Klaus seem to be enjoying themselves.

The company selected “Story of Seasons” as the title for its now self-published series.


Once you rent the field and exit the menu Veronica will explain the fields and show a map on the bottom screen. She’ll teach you about animal care and shows you around Westown. Well, this is when they will come in handy.

The Information Booth also will notify you of special shipping requests that you can sign up for, which will reward you with money, blueprints, clothing patterns, construction materials, and other goodies. She will give you an old brush and old milker to take care of Hanako.

Non-Farming Activities

You will get 5 twigs and 5 pebbles which you should keep, and Eda will give you some Orange Juice as well. Actually he could use some help with the shop. This blueprint is sold by Cabin Country after purchasing the previous blueprint.

It is important to feel calm once in a while. Raeger moved fogi Oak Tree Town ztory help his grandfather with the restaurant he owns. Different bugs will be out during different weather patterns and seasons. Your farm is not ready yet, so Veronica takes you to live with a respected elderly farmer named Eda.

If you want to have a Peach Fgu bearing fruit in the Summer, you should plant it as early as possible. Besides the town shops and the Trade Depot, there are three traveling salespersons who will appear when you exit your farm house. As you start your file you will be presented with the choice of playing in either Original or Seedling mode.

Besides managing the crops and animals on your farm, you can participate in other activities around Oak Tree Town. I am not a very experienced FAQ writer, but I still hope my guide will be useful.

To interact with them you need to stand next to them- you can tell which animal you will be interacting with because the top screen will display the name of the animal. When you first start seasonz farming adventure, the Trade Depot is not a popular place. As Story of Seasons is the sort of game that leaves the speed and activities up to the player, I am not going to provide a day-by-day walkthrough. The axe and hammer will be separated into their own sections as they have more information. For the getting items aspect, it can be downright frustrating trying to find something when you need it.


A new customer walks in and he kindly asks you to leave so he can serve his customer. Mistel figures that if this little incident ruins your relationship, then it wasn’t going to go anywhere anyway. Daryl never comes stort visit where you can freely interact with him, but he will appear during cut scenes. It can also smash pebbles, rocks, and black rocks into small stone, stone, and black stone respectively.

This tool only affects plots that have a dotted indicator.

Ushi No Tane xS2 | A Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Help Guide

He asks you to wait a moment while he prepares it. She will explain it briefly then give you some options to ask for more detailed information. You do need to till all four plots to move onward.

Klaus finishes his task and turns around to see that you’re gone. You can get pet toys to play with your pets- oof cat bell for cats and the dog bone for dogs. You sound a little jealous, but you try to deny it. He continues by saying he finds your assertiveness to be refreshing, then move closer storry says it might even be overwhelming.

Now, a new life awaits you in the countryside If you have at least Friendship Points FP with the household members, you may be invited to eat lunch with them once per day. A far-away place called Oak Eeasons Town is in fkgu of a farmer to take over one of the town’s ranches.

For the fishing rod and hammer upgraded versions allow you to get better results from fishing or mining as well.