The Icing On The Cake! Stripped brass worm drive, no spare parts avail Similar problem, no parts and having to turn the bowl by hand. OK machine overshadowed by terrible customer service Was gifted this for our wedding. Date Purchased Aug We were told by a Sunbeam agent that the part was no longer available to fix it. The numbers on the dial showing the different levels and uses have also worn off. This machine has been a real disappointment. All wiring should be tightly secured away from moving parts.

Sad and early death This work well until just beyond warrantee. Just push new beaters into place. Work on your customer service, sunbeam. I received this product for a Wedding present. Remove bowl selector, knob and all Phillips head screws from the base. He undid the screws at bottom of machine then undid the screws around the part fitted it then rescrewed everything back together.

Have used this successfully over 5 years but it started to make noises and authorised repairer said earlier this year could not get needed parts for it any more. Medium Parts Used Comments: The warranty should give some reassurance it will last for a few years beyond that period. It is disappointing Sunbeam did not withdraw this product immediately.

Sunbeam Cafe Series Mixmaster Whisk Set for MX / MX Part Number: MX

This model MixMaster obviously had a weakness in its design or manufacture to start with. I have used my mix master for 3 years, it started making an awful noise in the bottom last year, so have used it sparingly. Photograph or mark cable plugs before removing from board.

To say I am devastated is an understatement. I have gone back to using my 30 year old mix master, even though the beater has lost the button it still does a better job than the MXW. This machine has been a real disappointment. Replaced beaters with new ones Tools Required: Still not happy that I’m repairing a mixer that seems to have a known design fault and according to Sunbeams marketing “Is built to last”.


It appears I purchased it in preference to other brands as I hoped it would last a long time. You can lift the head with a finger thats how easy it is. I am really disappointed with the mix master, my mother has a Sunbeam mix master that she received as a wedding present in and is still using it today, it is as good as the day it was first used.

Last straw was today when it blew up after 30 seconds of whipping cream, smoke pouring everywhere. It went for a couple of years. When the cover is removed the spring loaded arm which pushes the beater release button back up may fall out. Very unhappy as hardly used this machine.

Also the mixers are very hard to remove after use. Taking after my Nanna and my mum who had their Sunbeam mixmasters for years on end Sunbeam was my only choice and despite the lure of upgrading with a kitchenaid or a thermomix, I maintained that my sunbeam was the best mixmaster for show baking.

My husband did it Tools Required: It was also expensive in comparison to other similar mixers, to buy at the time. When the bowl rotating mechanism started playing up I rang to be informed that replacement parts are not made anymore.

These should pull out or lever out easily. Bowl small stainless steel. Removed rear top motor housing and the front of top motor housing, one screw on the bottom and one in the top under the beater removal button. When we pulled it apart the gears had ground, and there were metal shavings all over the bench.


Sunbeam Cafe Series Mixmaster Whisk Set for MX8900 / MX8800 Part Number: MX88124

I only undid these screws just enough to release the upper gearbox cover so that they still held the wire plate in its place. The motor is simple to fit – screwdriver disassemble, re-assemble in reverse order Tools Required: Can I get the motor replaced in my machine?

Next tilt mix-master head and look underneath where beaters plug in. This is the upper screw which secures front cover.

Parts for Sunbeam Cafe Series MX8900 mixer

I have gone back to using my 30 year old mix master, even though the beater has lost the button it still does a better job than the MXW. I have had a problem with the bowl rotating gears disintegrating also.

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Install new drive shaft assembly. Pwb pcb assy main outdoor lmh2l. Part order cancelled, Mixmaster now in it’s rightful home in the scrap bin! With the speed knob removed you will find a metal D shaped post in the centre which locates into the D shaped hole of the speed knob.

Mixmaster® Classic

Remove the nut washer securing this D shaped post it undoes anti clockwise. I miss my Kenwood which lasted 31 years. Fit as normal beaters Tools Required: It is a twin motor model and I have already used it several times with great success.