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Well, here we have a collection of colour film, mostly relating to Japan, covering the lead-up, through to the aftermath, of WWII which for Japan lasted 8 years, starting with their invasion of China. Went with G1 inspired colors, including all three heads.


You won’t learn much about the strategies of the war, or the politics of it, but a surprising number of key events in the war are presented, and they are in chronological order, so you can get a sense of the times and the progression of it.

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Now if they only allowed you to do that in high school Please report any error in lyrics or commentaries to antiwarsongs gmail. Feb 17, Posts: Note for non-Italian users: Whether storming in from the skies above or bursting up from the ground below, Scorponok is one of the most feared Decepticons in the Universe! In comparison, this documentary pieced together from a variety of found film sources, plus readings from diaries and journals, packs a punch you don’t see coming.

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Cut to the Germans perfecting the first mid-air refueling mission. We get bomber mode, with “capture claws” ala Energon Jetfire and Skyblast! Jan 21, Posts: Both Harmony and Vanessa were invited to the White House to be recognized for their contribution to the war effort.


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Yes, my password is: Then there is the fall of parts of China. Sentinel PaxJan 22, Its not a history of the war, its just the film arranged chronologically with diary entries and other accounts to put what we are seeing into context.

First if you have ever been to Japan in recent times, as i have, you’ll be interested in seeing scenes of Tokyo and other cities in the 30s.

Please check back again in the future when you can become a Fan. Overall, Japan’s War In Colour is a rarity- and a must see for historians of war and war buffs alike.