Oh my God, all these child actors are so adorable. His smile grows wider and wider. M says they are talking about a dangerous topic and asks what they want to say. Or the logic just doesn’t work for me. Hwon paces anxiously, and when Wol enters he demands to know who gave her permission to leave, especially after she told him she would ease his pain. Later he wonders to his aide how a thirteen-year old girl could be so witty and wise, and then also comes to find out that Yeom just barely passed his civil service exam days ago. She says how could she do that.

I’m in the middle of episode 11 and feel the same way. Then Seol quickly shut her mouth,saying Jansil dunno Hanja.. I even thought, hey, isn’t this a drawn out KSH is prettier than both of them. Ah, so this is how Bo-kyung will manipulate Hwon using his love. Lee Yo Won who was with JIW in 49 Days played someone who was confused, depressed, and suicidal all the time but she was still able to show her internal conflict with her nuanced acting without saying much. I still love this show to bits but I really hope we get more events happening. It’s so exciting and it’s been long since I’ve become obsessed.

Seriously, you guys have some pretty WILD imaginations! S February 9, at I may not be overall familiar with showbiz.

The Moon That Embraces the Sun: Episode 12 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Wol is given an order to stay away. The only information I knew prior was that the king fell in love with a shaman He changes the subject with their gifts — more rocks. Wol climbs into bed and she and the king proceed to have a romantic conversation:. This is my “first and final reques”t hahahaha.


I like the wisdom and riddles. March 2, at March 7, at 7: Thta just want to ask if you have srt files for english subs for nice guy?

The Moon That Embraces The Sun E18

Yes I totally love ALL of the younger kids. That is a royal order. Yeon-woo even took it one step further and offered to pay the amount, which means she believes Seol is a thief. I really don’t want the adults to take over. S sits and cries. Embracee ha ha LOL. I hope the honeymoon thingy doesn’t happen! I hope that MW really does tell the truth to Y, and that B does something independently from her father. Bo-kyung finds nothing remarkable in her appearance, and looks yhat.

BTS of kiss scene translations. Where did this boy learn his bedside manners?

There are only two episodes left, and they need time for bromance! Finally recap is here! Oh my god, you have to give Captain a try Gawd, I have high expectations for this drama.

Or is he just crossing his arms and digging in his heels like an angsty teenager refusing to be ordered around? My heart broke to a zillion pieces for the skn YM although I still find the adult version of him annoying and whiny. H tells him to stop and he can go.

YW listens from the other side. She runs into her grandmother at the palace, who teases her about never visiting.

The Moon That Embraces the Sun: Episode 2 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

On a different note, Gong Yoo has always been on my good list and will forever remain so. What tugged at my heart was listening to YW thank N.


Anyone knows what happened after this? I thought Bo Kyung brought up a very good point when she went to visit Hwon. How does a king even have time for romance with all his duties?

Opens mouth and keeps it open King: So, I’m left to assume that while it’s showing home life it’s also embrqces explain what really caused her reaction to Seol. She’s a weird mix of blank and scary, like a child born with a warped moral compass, like Macaulay Culkin in Hhat Good Son.

Episode 13

MW says she heard from mother elisode he was healthier so why is he staying here. I am so so so very very very addicted!

H says how there is more unpleasant work left. March 8, at Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Back at tne parchment store, Yang-myung appears behind Yeon-woo, teasing her about which parchment would be fit for the king.

But Yang-myung is so used to being nagged about this that he just breezes past it. She praises her daughter saying you did well. You are the bestest! She says how could she do that.