Otherwise we just evolved into elves and demons and magic became real after the apocalypse? Interactions should not primarily be for personal benefit. They are moving really fast between scenes and not giving enough time to explain one thought out digest it before the next. She flees for possibly killing her boyfriend and fleeing because of the visions that are flashing into her life that she doesn’t understand. That said, I think the OP’s post summarises my feelings: I suspect those who know nothing about Shannara will enjoy the series as a TV fantasy series.

But they do spend a heck of a lot of time looking good and thinking about the week’s drama. Then after the apocalypse, magic faded back into the world along with the elves. I re-read it over the course of several months the joys of having a toddler and then a newborn as well Season 3 is supposed to swing back towards being more sci fi. They don’t do a good job at all of setting the stage, a shocking lack of exposition. Otherwise we just evolved into elves and demons and magic became real after the apocalypse? Edit Details Release Date:

I can’t say there exists one saving grace to be honest. It’s just not good writing.

Given the particulars of the setting, I don’t mind it at all. Fantasy submitted 3 years ago by Douglassoule 85 comments share save hide report. It’s much more straightforward. The visuals are pretty good and some of the CGI has been good, although the demon looked poorly composited.

Before I turned on the show, I reminded myself of two things: Not the language I expect. Even the music kind of takes me out of the show.

In the first series, I felt that there could be bigger things at play, but they were more in the background. Do not make readers follow the link to read the full content. But he is supposed to live a fairly normal happy life as a healer chroniclee the end.


End of Days

To be fair, if you reread the novels now you’d probably be disappointed with them as well. Very rushed which is my biggest gripe with it but otherwise enjoyable if you don’t go into expecting it to be the next game of thrones.

Like the Rovers having leather jackets and back pockets. I thought it was cool how they played up the fact that it takes place in our world, though.

Direct links to your own blog are not acceptable. Go into it with those expectations.

‘The Shannara Chronicles’ Recap: Mareth Takes A Heck Of A Paternity Test | FilmWatch

MTV has ruined one of my favorite fantasy novels. There’s a lot of story they aren’t touching because they don’t have time. I re-read the books in anticipation of the show two months ago. Hopefully the upcoming episodes will be a little more focused on particular storylines for that episode and there won’t be as much jumping around. I’ll keep watching for a few episodes, definitely, see where this is going Anything survival stuff like that.

Want to add to the discussion? We see a collapsed ruin or a destroyed car and know instantly what they are. On the fence for now, but will give the show a few more episodes. They could make the second season about the first book and it would be a whole new cast, save one.

Share this Rating Title: A little out of breath. There’s really no denying that. I tried it last year and i couldnt force myself to read more than twenty pages, though i quite enjoyed the novels in my youth. That said, I think the OP’s post summarises my feelings: A cheesy teen drama. I guess that’s just difference in interpretation or trying to bring a story in more of a line with its target audience, but if I wanted to see some kind of teenage angst filled show I would watch some kind of CW show.


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Yes it’s quite CWish, but its YA. I’m not too impressed. The chosen instead of being taken from everyone who came of age within the last year becomes some kind of gladiator race? Vision Build a reputation for inclusive, welcoming dialogue where creators and fans of all types of speculative fiction mingle. Log in or sign up in seconds.

‘The Shannara Chronicles’ Shopped To Other Networks For Season 3 | Deadline

It has high production values and beautiful locations. It’s not like they’re gonna say, “We must away to the ruins of Portland! Yeah it’s built primarily for a YA audience, yeah the first double ep was fast paced with a lot crammed in, but it looks wonderful, was written well enough, and has all the hallmarks of a great series. I had a hard time getting into any of Terry’s latest works so I actually haven’t even read everything in the Shannara universe despite it once being my favorite series.

In the book, it wasn’t that the Ellcrys wanting her to carry the seed that made her run away. I just liked how sshannara more aggressive he was in season 1 and didn’t give a shit about the bad guys.