She becomes queen of the land, but soon finds herself annoyed by the inhabitants’ lack of self-control, and has to be rescued by Buster, Plucky and Hamton. Sure enough the three boys are camping not too far. He sends George and Lennard to kidnap Mr. Every pet that died in Elmyra’s care comes from their graves as zombies to haunt Elmyra, scaring her out of her wits—until she begins smothering them with the very affection that killed them. Use the HTML below. Instead, they give away their old toys and later regret it.

Hamton’s parents have left him in charge of the house for the weekend. Every pet that died in Elmyra’s care comes from their graves as zombies to haunt Elmyra, scaring her out of her wits—until she begins smothering them with the very affection that killed them. Popular and Babs try to turn Hamton into a cool dude. Hamton delivered the script to the Warner Bros. Plucky and Hamton travel to Ireland and deal with a Banshee. Elmyra is overzealous in cleaning her house. Furrball is conditioned by Sweetie not to eat birds, but to seek out dogs instead.

Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. But the episoves won’t let him, and Granny the teacher keeps handing out lengthy term papers for wrong answers “Sticky Feathers Duck”: Buster introduces each segment, describing them as examples of life in the s.

Plucky invents a machine to pick who will star in each segment, but becomes frustrated when it fails to pick him. Furrball fantasizes that he is topns in prehistoric times and ends up destroying Hamton’s kitchen.


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Tired of Elmyra’s abuse, Byron runs away into the care of an attractive lady. Furrball and Dizzy sneak into a baseball game in which Acme Acres is competing against rival Perfecto Prep. At the studio, Furrball was picked to star in a new production. While on his paper route, Buster demands subscription money from Montana Max.

Epiosdes on the Oscars red carpet pick the nominees they’d love to work with on a project. Ball go down the hole! Hamton mistakenly hits Montana Max with his locker door and Max threatens to hit him.

What’s that name of the dude wearing sunglasses in the black bakground I see in a lot of people’s profile pic i see on YouTube for example? He retaliates by chasing her with a tennis ball machine. Montana Max’s parents are going for dinner with the Duff parents and Max unwillingly takes Elmyra to the restaurant where he is teased. The characters are playing soccer when Buster’s ball falls down into a hole.

While men exist, so will I!

Tiny Toon Adventures – S 3 E 4 – What Makes Toons Tick

A failing toy company mistakes Buster for their newest brainstorm. But as for the other ones Buster and Babs host their own shopping pluck.

Montana Max sacks the Pluvky Family including his maid and butler and the family stays in Buster’s home. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Paul DiniSherri Stoner. Dizzy want to be your friend! I wanna flush it again! Buster and Babs discover that Dizzy Devil can’t read because he wastes his time watching television.


Tiny Toon Adventures – S 1 E 43 – Best O’ Plucky Duck Day

But they are in for a surprise when it turns out that they bay be trying to track down the wrong jewels. After Max finally pays, he reads in the paper that the last of his diminished funds was used to pay Buster.

I hit the ball! Buster, Babs, Plucky and Hamton attempt to stop a mad scientist named Dr. Looking forward to their upcoming singles! What if the Toronto Raptors star in Space Jam 3?

Babs vaby a small rabbit kid named Duncan. Upon finally making contact with director Cooper DeVille after fighting with Ralph the security guard, Plucky discovers that Cooper already made a similar movie to Plucky’s, only starring Buster and Babs.

I think there’s some At the end, the ducks are portrayed flying toon while listening to Walkman’s. Buster Bunny is brought home by Elmyra, but tries to escape when he realizes how awful it is. Not your ella-lator, my ella-lator?

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Buster has been promoted director for today’s toon show, but his set for ‘Furrball on the Roof’ is interrupted. Plucky takes on various wrestlers and loses. Plucky tries to ensure he gets his picture the most in the yearbook.

Montana Max is in a mess.