This drama is sure moving. A beautiful girl dresses up as a male and transfers to an all-boys school.. I saw a buttload of youtube clips on soompi from musical where Hyun-jae Kang Ha Neul was singing. He thanks her for her concern and sends her off but Hanna clings, begging that he come back to Seoul. The Endless One is released as our heroes, still. It’s a shame Kim Ji-won is being wasted like this, since she was one of the highlights in HK3. At breakfast, Jae-hee has trouble eating and before Tae-joon can help her, Eun-gyul takes to feeding her. At first they did not get along, Since Tae Joon dont like to share the room with others but later on they became closer, And Tae Joon found out that she was actually a girl,without her knowing.

In episode 2 Jae-Hee is in the doctors office and is trying to convince the doctor that she is not a girl and leaves as quick as she can. You made all great points in your summary, gummimochi! At first they did not get along, Since Tae Joon dont like to share the room with others but later on they became closer, And Tae Joon found out that she was actually a girl,without her knowing. Krystal is popular too. Both boys run to her side and Eun-gyul mutters that Jae-hee must not want to suffer the punishment of running laps in their underwear. To The Beautiful You – Episode 4. Waaahhh, chingudeul pasti dah nunggu-nunggu kelanjutan crita to the beautiful yah. Tae-joon fails to clear yet again in practice and Coach Baek records their progress.

So that’s why this paragraph is outstdanding. She’s not mind-blowingly good at it, but you can tell that she’s not craning her neck or forcing her mouth to say her lines. It makes him look 6, but that makes it beauutiful sweeter.


He does shirtless quite well. Da-hae hangs her head after the audition and turns her frown upside down, epdrmaa telling him she passed. I don’t worry if she will be able to cry in this scene or will she be awkward; which, as a drama watcher, I always worry about.

THAT’s where I saw him before. Inside she finds a taser with a note from Daniel to use it to protect herself and she sighs.

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I can’t help but compare because Sulli could have been much popular had SM gave her acting projects long before Suzy came and JYP did what he did. Doc ushers everyone out, giving a tou nod to Tae-joon.

Someone that both TJ and he knew from the past?

Min Woo mendekati Jae Hee dan bertanya dengan serius: Overall – a really entertaining drama. I want to know more about them.


Biggie September 10, at 6: Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists, the kind of ‘beautiful minds’ that. Hinarang ni Paco ang paa nya sa dadaan ni Divine kaya nadapa. The best part about TTBY is the eye candy.

I’ve been surfing online more than 4 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. Dozens of beautiful men will reject. Thanks for the recap and making me LOL at work! Tae-Joon faces scrutiny as his father, Director Jang, and a nosey reporter become suspicious that he may be faking his.

I blame it mostly on the writing though, for making her so dumb. Loved his worm impression! I hate that kind of female character that is glued to the main character like he’s her property, and then shows up everywhere and when To put on record that same episode, about which I would not want to write a separate chapter.


Eun-Gyul is so cute I loved all his scenes in this ep especially the caterpillar one: Eungyul has been consistently awesome since the first episode. Its alright, eun gyul can come to me instead muahaha. Jae Hee is frustratingly dense. Then I heard the lines and bust out laughing and smiling like an idiot. Yay, the spark is back!!


We learn Jae-hee’s motivation for ending up at an. Among international fans, Amber is by far the favorite. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: What is up with Jae Hee’s damseling? He observes as Eun-gyul and Jae-hee traverse the grounds. Cute, but not the best role model for our daughters. Jonghyun has abs that are too muscular for innocence – I cannot breathe now. He’s too fine to not have a love interest I hope SM realizes her potential now and work on it. Sooo close, but foiled by his own perceptions.

That is a pretty, pretty boy, there.

Do I have to say geautiful And yeah, I’m getting sick to death of rom-com k-drama’s apparent need to ALWAYS have that stock psychotically jealous second female lead?