Uncle Pecos asks Jerry if he has a spare guitar string, but Jerry shakes his head in the way of saying no. Tom sells Jerry to a local pet story that’s buying white mice. As Pecos starts to play a song, a shocked Jerry comes to the rescue and quickly carries his reckless uncle away from Tom back to the mouse hole, accidentally banging his uncle’s head on the wall just above the hole whilst doing so. Add the first question. Mousketeer Jerry has a love letter to deliver to darling Lilli. Spike is building his dream house when Tom crashes into it mid-chase. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Tom chases Jerry around the table and the rest of the pool hall. Of course, Jerry then takes every opportunity to route the chases through the construction project. Pecos comes searching for him again, and finds him sitting on a chair wearing a knight’s helmet and holding a book and a lit cigar. An angry Tom seizes Pecos, but Jerry arrives, rescuing his uncle again by squirting a tube of toothpaste into Tom’s face, with the toothpaste forming into a pair of glasses. Tom gets involved when the suicidal duck offers Just as Tom is about to get them, Jerry drags Pecos into the hole, but Pecos quickly sticks his head out and thanks a confused Tom for his ” service “.

Cue Ball Cat Jerry and the Lion Tom finally surrenders with a white flagpulls out his fifth crambkne and hands it to Pecos. Tom sells Jerry to a local pet story that’s buying white mice. All i Have Watched.

Designs on Jerry Tom and Spike, whose cat food and dog food is getting too expensive, are forced to compete as mousers. Pecos looks out the mouse hole and claims he sees episodde string attached to Tom’s face as a whisker.


This was also last Tom and Jerry cartoon produced in Academy format ; all subsequent Tom and Jerry cartoons were released in CinemaScope format. The night comes, and both Jerry excitedly crqmbone Tom who now has only one whisker left and is very irritated are watching his performance on the living room TV.

The force of the impact causes the basement door to break into pieces, revealing a flattened Tom, who immediately runs away as Pecos follows. He hides next to the basement door, which Pecos throws open on top of him, and calls for the cat while Jerry holds onto his uncle’s tail, trying to stop him.

Retrieved from ” https: Goofs The cartoon was released inbut the television is in color. Tom goes up to the TV and laughs hysterically at Pecos’ situation, knowing that he has no replacement strings.

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As Tom awakes, they Hanna and Barbera were to produce the remaining eighteen cartoons they did before MGM pulled the plug on the episoxe department in As Jerry makes a run back to the mouse hole with Pecos, they fall through a floor grate. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Tom then heads to the bathroom to examine his severed epidode in the mirror, but then he hears the sound of Pecos breaking another string. As if uninterrupted, Pecos keeps coming and tries to reason with the cat that he needs a whisker to fix his guitar and is to going to let a broken string stand in the way of his fame and fortune.


Tom chases Jerry around the table and the rest of the pool hall.

Adamant not to lose the two leftover whiskers, Tom dashes into a nearby closet and slams the door shut. Tom dumps some cigar ash onto Pecos’s head, but an unfazed Pecos responds by flipping the chair over and removing another whisker.

Tom and Jerry Cartoon – Pecos Pest

But just as he is liking the music that Pecos is generating, the snap of yet another string is heard, causing Tom to instantaneously gasp and retreat back into the closet. Views Read Edit Epislde history.

Jerry receives a telegram from his Uncle Pecossaying he is on his way to the big city from Texas for a guitar solo and will be staying with his nephew for the night; Pecos then arrives shortly after. Tom slams anything he can find onto Pecos in order to keep him at bay: Tom’s cousin, George, comes to visit, even though he’s terribly afraid of mice.

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Televisions no longer only black and white, full-time didn’t exist, as of yet, in the mid ‘s epsiode. Jerry agrees to help an escaped circus lion, whose first need is food. Tom gets involved when the suicidal duck offers When a duck hatches from the egg underneath Tom, he is convinced he is his mother. Tom is rather reluctant about this and tries to hide to protect his remaining whiskers from Uncle Pecos.