Alternative 12 Prince of Stride: The Resonance 26 Dragonaut: Dubbed 12 Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha. Why is he acting like that im so scared for there relationship!! Haecceitas no Hikari Movies 12 Chance: Boukoku no Akito Code Geass: Dubbed 25 Koro-sensei Quest!

Dubbed 16 Back Street Girls: Ride On 75 Monster Hunter Stories: Girls Be Ambitious 24 Free! I’m Jess and this is my anime instagram page, please enjoy! Parallel Trouble Adventures 14 Dual! Glitter Force Dubbed 40 Soar High! Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo 25 Cross Ange: Glitter Force 49 Smile Precure!

The Beginning 12 B: Mermaid 18 Valkyrie Drive: The Beginning 12 Attack No. Done by asarichan mangaka manga art illustration draw fanart mangaart mangadrawing mangadraw anilijkz animeart animedrawing mangaartist animeartist drawing artist instaart artdrawing aoharuride bluspringride strobeedge mangaboy mangagirl mangaboys.

Zero Dubbed 24 Alice or Alice: Blue Sky 12 Kino no Tabi: I Am Your Father! KanColle 13 Kantai Collection: That’s why caring for someone would only bring trouble.


Alright guys, I changed my username. Sinbad no Bouken 18 Magi: Alternative 12 Prince of Stride: Ouka Ninpouchou 24 Basilisk: Total Eclipse 25 Muv-Luv Alternative: U can only wish that they’d be okay and would tonri better because u know fore sure that person u rejected won’t ever see u the same way again. Hanamaru 24 Touken Ranbu: Girls Be Ambitious 24 Free!

Ride On 75 Monster Hunter Stories: Dubbed 12 Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha. The friendship is thus ruined leaving with two people in pain.

Colorful Pastrale 8 Bernard-jou Iwaku. Holding onto the pain myself and not let anyone get close to u, 1 sure that hurts a lot when u can’t let your voices and feelings be heard but at least your the only one that is suffering and crying and not anyone else.

Last Order 1 Final Fantasy: Jigen Daisuke no Bohyou 2 Lupin the Third: Dubbed 24 Show By Rock!! Genesis 37 Shingeki no Bahamut: Arise Alternative Architecture 11 Ghost in the Shell: Yoshioka aoharuride bluspringride aunpassodate drawing draw sketch sketch sketching sketches sketchbook manga mangadraw anime animedraw doodle doodles doodleart illustrations pencil pencilart art arte disegno disegnare matita instaart instadraw.


I’m Jess and this is my anime instagram page, please enjoy! Hoshi Matsu Hito 27 Mahoutsukai no Yome: Dubbed 13 Sakasama no Patema: Collection 14 Ito Junji: Game of Laplace 11 Ranpo Kitan: Kodou Ambitious 20 B: Akito the Exiled 5 Code Geass: Arise 4 Ghost in the Shell: Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru 12 Haruka: The look on there face Haecceitas no Hikari Dubbed 12 Chain Chronicle: