Tracy and Mike argue. But she ends up stealing and threatening to do something to the kids if they tell the adults what she has done. What will the kids do? Padley, who left the main cas Meanwhile, Mike cancels Lily’s respite care, since her dad is coping well, but Tracy feels that Lily is upset about this arrangement. Fortunately, Shadow finds a new home with Steve and Lily. Meanwhile, Sapphire arrives and finds out she didn’t get an award, as the awards are based from last year. Full Cast and Crew.

How far can Tracy go? Member feedback about List of Tracy Beaker Returns characters: It consists of thirteen, thirty-minute episodes. He is lucky he didn’t have a more serious punishment and so agrees to do it. Lily wants to get some answers from him, so she and Sapphire follow him to his hotel without telling Tracy. Tracy then uses her background as a former child in care to become fully involved in the children’s lives.

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Ade and Dayo reveals that their parents had been killed by men with guns and they both ran and hid in a rubbish dump. As Mike is short-staffed, he agrees to hire her as an assistant care worker since trafy knows so much about life in care. However, Tracy comes up with a cunning plan to make the dealer part with the heirloom.

Meanwhile, Liam, Frank, Toby, Carmen and Tee are trying to scare each swries, but they always end up scaring someone else — including Mike and Gina. To date, five complete series have aired.

Gus’s room also gets wrecked. Inbefore even joining the Police, he had captured his first villain Pinkie the Stabber.

Toby starts talking to a girl named Sara at the comic book store and realise that the two have very much in common, but when Toby tells her that his parents are still alive and that retuns has two sisters, Sara tells Toby that her mother had died. Promos used the same layout and style as Nick in the US. Mike and Tracy tell Johnny that it wasn’t his fault, but he reads his file and finds out it was. Mille Redfearn as Rosie Kettle. Member feedback about The Story of Tracy Beaker series 1: Kali persuades Elektra to run away with her and the gang, so Elektra goes to pack her things.


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Member feedback about List of The Dumping Ground episodes: Member feedback about The Story of Tracy Beaker: Member feedback about The Dumping Ground series 6: Member feedback about Chris Chatterton: Their transformation is uncontrolled during a full moon, and they are at their weakest during “the dark of the moon”, at a new moon. When Sapphire says she wants to move back into her flat, Tracy and Sapphire make their way to the flat to protest against the council, who have sold the building off.

Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Some spin-offs are “engineered” to introduce a new character on the original television series, just so that that character can anchor the new spin-off — that episode of the original series is often known as a “backdoor pilot”. Dennis searches everywhere, but the money can’t be beakef.

But Lily wishes episose stay at the Dumping Ground, as she feels she doesn’t fit in at the Perrys’.

Johnny stands on the other side of the door, overhearing the conversation; seeking revenge he turns to Elektra for help. Tracy is leaving the Dumping Ground and everyone has a party. When a fire breaks out in Burnywood, four young children and their mysterious care worker, Dennis Stockle, arrive at the Dumping Ground. Member feedback about The Dumping Ground series 4: Carmen finds out that someone has used all her shampoo and put glue in her hair while Tracy tries to help Kitty settle in.


Tee finds out when she sees them looking for coach times to Wales, and Lily and Carmen blackmail her into not telling.

Tracy Beaker Connor Byrne All promotional material was voiced by Peter Dickson, also known as Voiceover Man. Set in the fictional Litchfield Correctional Facility, a women’s Federal prison, it has featured a diverse ensemble of recurring or minor characters – including inmates, prison guards and staff, and non-prison characters.

Tee gets worried with guilt, and she rethrns to get advice from Gus, without telling him that they’ve run away. Some included scenes with Big Time Rush and the cast of Victorious explaining how to vote.

The series follows The Story of Tracy Beaker that ran for five series from to and it is followed by The Dumping Ground that has aired since Johnny wanders off to another person’s apartment where there are loads of seris phones, games etc. It is the tenth series in The Story of Tracy Beaker franchise. Liam gets scammed with some pirate DVDs and wrecks the stall where he bought them.