My wife thinks that the the two bad people only felt bad because their schemes fell apart. Sorry if this is a long comment. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe His character is supposed to have been extremely poor when he was younger so he has this great desire to be rich. I’m really liking this drama so far. Felt so frustrated when Ji-Hyun couldn’t hit In-jung. I like that theirs is the relationship with more backstory that has yet to be revealed.

A Soul to Take March 24, at Scheduler waves his hand the doors open. Once outside, Min-ho calls In-jung to check on her progress, but she says she turned the whole room upside down with no luck. Ji Hyun elects to remember her 49 days wise choice sweetie , so this brings her to explaining to Yi Kyung why she is pretending not to remember. Thank you so much for all your awesome recaps dear koala! The drama is speeding along at a nice pace, revealing secrets left and right and giving us great character beats along the way.

Alvina March 24, rdamacrazy Her destiny was always to die young, but the accident was the unexpected death which accelerated her demise by more than 50 some days.

49 Days Episode 20 Recap

I have the same feeling about Ji Hyun. She decides to wait, and watches In-jung sleep, anger washing over her as her hand balls up into a fist. Scheduler confirms that his last scheduled elevator ride will be Shin Ji Hyun, who is and always was scheduled to die 6 days from now.

It’s obvious dramacrayz the two baddies have an axe to grind with Ji Hyun’s father.

I really admire and solute Korean writer with their creative ideas in romantic-fantasy genre of drama and other genre as well. Who is the female lead? When she returned, her older daughter was gone. Either that or Yi Kyung has some sort of secret ninja powers that made her invisible as she ran across the garden, just meters away from where In Jung was standing:.


I found myself frustrated when I read all the comments on another blog that were angry about the ending. So, hostile takeover it is. He’ll probably tail her home and meet the real YK soon who will not recognise him. Nam Gyuri who is currently starring in the drama ’49 days’, has released the song ‘Starlight Tears’.

I just wish Han Kang and Ji Hyun had a chance to kiss. Nope, normal pool, normal people.

She goes to the studio with Kang. He adds snootily that lying is for humans, so she can trust him. The sister thing bugged me too, there could at least have been a few more subtle hints. Kang takes Ji Hyun to a fountain, telling her that if she makes a wish it will come true.

As for the soundtrack, it was okay. Thank you for the recap!

LYW’s body is haunted by another woman’s spirit in 49 Days. K in my opinion. Ji Hyun elects to remember her 49 days wise choice sweetieso this brings her to explaining to Yi Kyung why she is pretending not to remember.

He tells her that she is his guardian, the reason for him to live. I get that they could be watcn or darmacrazy but they were just angry at the writer and vowing off this drama, etc. The 94 was about death, and lest we think it qatch, the drama was instead hopefully, teaching us how life can be lived with purpose even in the face of death.

She is so lonely Leave a Reply En reply Enter your comment here The scenes with In-jung and Min-ho are just a little boring for me. I want him to be her friend, or at least he accepts that he is nice to her. Thank you for the recap. Ji Hyun recognizes him as Scheduler, leaving her stunned because of her knowledge that those who succeed in the 49 days quest is not supposed to have any memories from that time.


I hope Nam Gyu Ri will get better in acting so in the future you may be like her,,…. At the conversation with Scheduler Grandma, she asks him if his original wish remained unchanged — to give Yi Kyung the ring, tell her he loved her.

I think writer So Hyun Kyung elevated her craft a notch in writing 49 Days.

I want him Kang end up with Yi Kung not Ji hyun too. We get a flashback to high school Yi Kyung and Yi Soo right after their cherry blossom lane date. Thank you so very much! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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In the bathroom, she throws up and takes a minute to gather herself, ending up in tears. Press conference to be broadcast LIVE!

However, what she finds in the city dqys the world within only showed her, a proud, grown drakacrazy, how small she is. Both girs Ji Hyun and Yi Kyung are equally charming! Oh God, if it doesn’t? Wonder what happened with In-jung If the present actually exists, how long does it exist? I really hope the last tear she gets is from reaper boy. Wahch to agree on this.

There were also a lot of parts that were too unrealistic. Bae Su-bin as Kang Min Ho: So let’s all go and leave our lives properly because we definitely won’t have a gift as precious as 49 Days to change the world around us!

I want more KANG!!! I mean for most cases parents would go on searching for their long lost child until a body is confirmed with DNA to prove.