Tuesday 23rd August Episode Meanwhile, Ste starts to feel guilty about not reporting Brendan’s abuse to the police. In revenge Brendan attacks Casper and Sampson. Meanwhile, Sinead dreads the prospect of seeing Bart and Jason at sixth-form college. And Pete is unnerved by Ruby’s amorous advances. Monday 23rd May Episode A police man chases them through the factory and Walker shoots him.

Lacey talks to Joel Dexter Andrew Still and he says that he understands her. It “draws Tilly in” and “shows her a different side to things”. He grabs Maddie and forces himself on her. After Gabby’s letter, Tony decides to go off traveling. And, Mercedes questions whether she can bring up Bobby on her own. Mercedes McQueen trial shocks revealed”. Lynsey returns, ready to put the past behind her, but is shocked to discover Silas is also back in the village.

Retrieved 20 December Mercedes is reeling from the events at the party and heads to Jacqui for some respite. Tuesday 6th September Episode And Tony is decides abersoh being unemployed isn’t the best thing and decides to interview for the chef position at The Dog.

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Ryan confronts George and confesses his love, he informs Ryan of Phoebe’s prediction, causing Ryan to leave. George and Ryan promise to stay in touch and they start texting each other. Seth’s jealousy gets the better of him when he sees Carl and Jason bonding leading him to join in with the mocking of Jason online. Archived from the original on 16 August Mitzeee starts an argument with her super fan Mary, accusing her of being a stalker. Wednesday 12th Hollykaks Episode 8.

And a guilt-ridden Amy struggles to keep her night of passion with Dodger a secret from Lee. Gill said that Phoebe feels “guilty” because George is unwell and puts her feeling aside to ask Callum for help.

Wednesday 13th July Episode Elsewhere, tension mounts among Gaz, Rae and Jason resulting in a clash. His daughter Maddie Morrison Scarlett Bowman notices and shouts at him because he is still married to her mother. She writes a heartfelt letter – but will it be the final chapter of Mitzeee’s autobiography?


Ash and Callum return home at the same time and Ally fails to explain the situation. Also, Ethan xbersoch his investigation into Calvin’s murder and he starts to wonder if the McQueen’s are hiding anything after witnessing Theresa and Carmel’s reaction when he mentioned Kyle’s trial.

Monday 15th August Episode Archived from the original on 4 November Monday 30th May Episode Noah is disturbed by a dream about Brendan, while Brendan continues to try and cause trouble. Tilly is angry about the cancellation when she sees Jen walking through the village with Liam drinking out of a champagne bottle. Friday 2nd September Episode Jen catches Tilly’s attention and she wants to find out more about her.

Walker’s contact Brendan Brady Emmett J.

Martha leaves the family home after an argument with Ash leaving the family struggling. Amy and Lee are all loved up, but Lee is dreading Leanne’s imminent return, little does he know that Leanne has just witnessed their public display of affection.

Jacqui surprises her family further when she reveals her plans to be a kidney donor to Billy’s daughter, Emily. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload.

The ultimate insight into the week’s soaps”. Monday 6th June Episode Rhys and Jacqui’s relationship appears to be going from strength to strength, but the return of a familiar face places their happiness in jeopardy.

Riley warns him to keep away and Jamie leaves. While they are at a rest stop, Walker hears a noise from the boot of the car and discovers that Mick is still alive.

Family Brothers Liam Gilmore. Wednesday 20th July Episode And Jason is annoyed when he learns that Bart plans on making a grand romantic gesture to win back Sinead on Jonno’s advice. Adam realises that Ste is more preoccupied and decides to stop seeing him.


Meanwhile, Nancy is annoyed by Frankie’s efforts to control her and Gollyoaks heads for Newcastle alone, leaving Ste with a decision to make about Brendan. Fictional characters introduced in Lists of Hollyoaks characters.

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The “element of attraction” is present between the two as she sees Walker “in a different light at certain points” in the story. He was also unsure of how their relationship would develop.

Ruby has Esther wrapped around her little finger, but when they are caught plagiarising will Esther be able to keep her mouth shut? Dave tells Joel that he wants to know everything about Brendan because he conned him.

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As they spend the day together they grow close; Dixon said that “Tilly’s just in awe of Jen, she’s so free and she’s so full of life, and that’s what Tilly ends up falling in love with. Later Diane tells Jen that Tilly was looking for her and that she needs to tell Tilly nothing can happen between them. Tilly thinks Jen is intimating that they should leave Hollyoaks, whereas Jen is just wistfully reminiscing.

Ethan’s affairs with Theresa and Liberty are put under strain as the girls decide they have had enough of their secret relationships. Riley is named Young Player of the Year at a glamorous sports awards ceremony, but when he clumsily pulls Mercedes up onto the stage, Myra spots an opportunity to help solve her daughter’s predicament.

Elsewhere, is the lid to Theresa’s secret about to be lifted?