Next, they learn about Japan’s geography, starting with the Fukuoka prefecture. He makes strong perfect boy shell! Post a new comment Error Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal. Next teacher informs class that they will have new student! August 29, Categories: Everything officially kicks off when Yamato the puppy-dog junior that keeps following Asuka around runs into class desperately and begs Asuka and Juta for help. Otherwise you need the download manager and patience. And guess who it is?

Asuka then finds himself falling in love with a new transfer student named Ryo Miyakozuka Kaho. Since I didn’t see the link to these episode on your page thought I would share. While nurses usher mom in emergency room she makes Asuka promise that he will never be like his father! Oshin Episode Bare in mind this: High As The Sky Episode Although this episode had less Juta moments, it was still funny, especially during the Power Ranger moments the Kid Director From Hell was probably the best bit in the entire episode; man, do I want to grow up to be like that!

Otomen episode 1 summary!: doramaonna

Asuka who looks kinda gorgeous in that light, and with his chin oh-so-slightly tilted towards the sun. Skip to content Home TV Doramas. You are a real man. Juta pretended to be the ghost in order to scare the both of them in the hopes they would clutch each other and reveal their true feelings to no avail of course.

ThaNk you for the subs. A Hi, My Sweetheart Recap. Actually, upon hearing him speak more, I think I can see a little Irish in it. Thank goodness you managed to find so many boys for me. Then bad guy Tonomine comes and he and Asuka have Mexican stand off till Girly comes with teacher!


Another kendo boy also sees the girl ghost in the toilet, and ages overnight. Why hello there, episode Tachibana excuses himself but spies through window!

Otherwise you need the download manager and patience. Otomen – Episode 7. Asuka is in ave!

Anonymous November 8, at 9: Otomen episode 1 summary! August 29, Categories: But worth it since majority of them are i. Otomen – Episode 8.

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But when idiots start destroying beautiful little garden he sends them away! So he starts following him as Asuka takes fluffy dog doll home! Recently i started watching Otomen! LOL when they appeared in episoe Power Ranger suits I just died laughing because obviously they didn’t want their real identities uncovered still Juta trips, makes a noise, Asuka opens the window, Juta clutches his fists and goes, “Nyyyya” and Asuka goes, ” We find out that he knows a lot about flowers and he is polite to gardener-student!

End of Episode 1. The boys and girls of the Kendo club arrive at this dodgy looking storefront. episodw

His father is sitting on swing and singgin a song ’bout Otomen who needs to find love! Post a new comment Error Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal.

Otomen episode 1 summary!

Of all the things Okay, so she is interfering in her students’ private lives because of a pet peeve. Smith on Ohomen Beat Either you take this subject by the balls and choose to have your characters fight against it in a serious manner, or don’t bring it up at all.


Ryo, you must get Asuka to marry into our family! Homeroom starts and first she congratulates kendo captain and informs us that he is going to fight in All Japan High Kendo Championship! So, we open the episode, and I hear something familiar.

Episose alerts Asuka and he is just step behind!

All his team members are defeated and it is all on him! Fan girls start cheering! Watch for the comedy, and please leave your brains behind.

Your IP address will be recorded. Sorry, it’s impossible for me to translate the beauty of that insult to english. Oh, sorry, I thought we were stating stuff that was obvious, but wrong, QI-style.

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Thanks so much for subbing this drama! I just discovered this drama yesterday and it is so wonderful already.

No one is ever perfect. Asuka and Ryo are determined to catch the ghost to stop it from frightening the other kendo members, ptomen embark that night with a torchlight. He fixes a dog, makes him cute outfit and a friend! Thank you again for subtitling. I promise to finish Otomen, but life has been quite hectic, but I’ve finally mana