They also visit a recording studio to record a duet. Guest celebrities are invited to be show’s commentators for each episode so that they can share their opinions on marriage on behalf of their age group. Retrieved from ” https: Sungjae makes a surprise event for Joy. Jota and Kim Jin-kyung. The potential new couples switch partners for their second dates. Min-young and Do-yeon spends time at home.

Choi Tae-joon and Yoon Bo-mi meet for the first time. Kwanghee and Sunhwa reflect on their virtual marriage. Jin-kyung and Jota cook together. Myung and Hye-sung goes on a haunted house date and then prepared and sent gifts to those who congratulated them on their wedding. Jang Woo-young and Se-young go furniture shopping. Archived from the original on 4 November

Eric and Solar move in together in their new apartment. JoonSeo are so cute.

Despite Kwanghee and Sunhwa’s Tearful Farewell, “We Got Married” Ratings Continue to Decline

Lee Joon and Oh Yeon-seo tour Han river at night. Later, Seung-yeon prepares a surprise for Jong-hyun. Min-suk and Ye-won go to a flying yoga session together. Jota gets his license and has a car wash date with Jin-kyung. Jong-hyun and Yura’s virtual marriage concludes.

Min-suk and Ye-won go rollerskating and have a picnic.

Guk-joo and Sleepy’s trip continues. I’m not familiar with the girl Joon is paired with but she’s seems boring and stiff so far.


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As of Maythe producers announced another change in the format with all four couples departing, cutting down to just one couple and shortening the show to just 60 minutes. This site uses cookies. Oh Min-suk and Kang Ye-won. Hye-sung and Myung enjoys a party for two. Jang Woo-young and Se-young go on a date at an aquarium. Yoonhan and So-yeon have their wedding photoshoot. Later, they meet with Joy’s friends. I think for now SunHee might be awkward but later I feel like it will be sweeter as they do more “couple” things.

Post to Facebook Tweet this Send by e-mail Link. The eldest, Yoon Se Ah, chose a bikini and covered it with a white net jacket, which reveals her petite-size body. Sleepy surprises Guk-joo for her birthday. Jin-kyung and Jota plays with dolphins. Jang Woo-young and Se-young continue their outdoor adventure. Sungjae and Joy get driving lessons.

Min-suk and Ye-won visit a ski resort. Myung surprises Hye-sung with an event. Jang Woo-young and Se-young make furniture for their home. Lee Tae-min and Na-eun go on a camping trip where they harvest grapes for wine. First broadcast inthe show pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if annd were married.


Archived from the original on 4 November Min and Jin-young have a romantic dinner for their th day together. Guk-joo and Sleepy sell some stuff to pay off the bills. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Episode 15 | WGM Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo

Jong-hyun and Yura celebrate the Lunar New Year. I have been only watching Julien and SeAh. Doesn’t hurt that Julien looks good too.

Joon-young and Yu-mi go to couples counseling. Jong-hyun and Yura have their wedding photoshoot.

Si-yang surprises So-yeon with events for her birthday. Cao Lu moves in with Se-ho. Eric and Solar wash the dogs, visit a sauna, and make kimchi.

Si-yang and So-yeon test their fitness levels. Myung and Hye-sung’s trip concludes. Eric and Solar look for their new apartment. Kwak Si-yang and Kim So-yeon. Jae-rim and So-eun have their wedding reception and later go camping. Min and Jin-young go to Saipan for their honeymoon.