She hugs Ruhi and says pregnant mummies can like to eat anything. She asks are you fine, I will come. Raman is looking for Ishita and they both are shocked. Without Ishra no Yhm … Fed up commenting …. Doctor asks Raman did he get him here at night for this, there is no emergency here. Romi and Mihika leave. Will Raman marries Nidhi?

Ishita and Shagun dance with the actors. It will not be the same without Ishita and Raman in the serial. The artist tells him that he made this tattoo on all the men of one family, it is like a tradition among them. He says you would have refused her, and kisses her. The goons tell Suraj that Vandu is in her house, she is scared. Ruhi gets worried and doubts that something wrong will happen.

Jhanvi 23rd Jan – He asks her to tell Raman that they left. She feels guilty and says sorry to her parents. Riya 23rd Jan – 8: Raman sees her, and runs after her. johabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th January Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Ishita says Ruhi is smart, she knows difference between romance and violence, she would have seen something not normal, this is not first point that wrong is happening with Pallavi, how can we ignore this. Manoj says Shagun does mohabbayein lock door normally. SIndhu 24th Jan – 9: Bala goes to Raman. Vandu panics and asks Sarika to save her.


Are you ready to watch this rollercoaster drama? V P 23rd Jan – 1: He tells him how women were dancing with actors. Raman will accept her proposal to save his mohabbatrin love.

She plans to steal the jewellery so that she can manage to collect Rs 30 lakh. Manoj asks why are you finding him. He says maybe Ruhi is mistaken. I really dread watching the coming episodes and that advocate nidhi.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd January Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

I hope they do have more of these scenes before the murder episode appears. Pallavi cries and asks Chadda not to beat her.

Pallavi says Ruhi, what are you doing here. Chadda says stop it, I have to treat you for this. Pallavi worries thinking what will happen after going home. The Episode starts with Vandu madly running on the road. Raman asks why are they laughing. Raman says she messaged me that Shagun has emergency, so I got doctor. Mani gets to know that Shagun did the mohaabbatein last night.


In the latest episode, we saw, Shagun Anita Hassanandani and Ishita bonding over lunch. Niceeeeeee episode…… After the long time,we saw cute ishraru scene……. Manoj wishes their relation stays like this always. Bala says you made all this, I will make something special.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13 December 2014 Full Episode

Bhalla says we should not tell secrets to our wives. Welcome, Login to your account.

Frankly, whatever twist they do have, eventually the YHM writers should make sure IshRa reunite and not separate. How could you know this maya? Ishita says I can explain. Pallavi thinks why does she have feelings for Rohit, if Amar knows this, he will kill me.

This is our old mohabbath Love u ishu ruhi raman and shravu toooo. That wouldnt be nice.

Vandu says Sarika feels I m guilty. He asks Pallavi to have food and takes Chadda along.