While this time, Baku went to the meeting with Bekon and the old dinosaur start to discuss about the fact that Heart look like Baku at his age. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Omae Umasou da na. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Give it a shot.

Views Read Edit View history. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. One day, a massive pack of Giganotosaurus arrived from the south and goes on a rampage, killing everything in their path, forcing Baku fight them by himself. Omasou however, is very touching and heartwarming. So what were they? Full Cast and Crew. Exact name of German article]]; see its history for attribution.

Content in this edit is translated from the existing German Wikipedia article at [[: A Tyrannosaurus named Heart was brought up by a herbivorous dinosaur. His words makes Heart sad and he starts spisode.

As the eggs hatched, one was born a male Maiasaurawhom the mother named Light, and from the egg she found, the baby is revealed to be a Tyrannosaurusnamed Heart. During the end credits, the Maiasaura herd move on to a new home. Umasou mentions that he got the berries from an elderly Tyrannosaurus who has grown too old to eat solid food and eats the berries, who will introduce himself as Bekon.

Ransk All reviews 24 people found this review helpful. Deep in the Heart This is a hidden gem in a haystack.

I couldn’t help smile as the first interactions Heart had with Omasou, looking at him for the first time saying “You look delicious. But Heart is unaware umasoou his carnivorous nature and can only eat berries.

The movie ends with Heart and Umasou watching the egg rock of Egg Mountain fly away to outer space. The sloth sees Heart and retreats in fear, while Light jokes about the appearance of Heart, saying that he looks like the description in the song. When Heart reaches Light’s herd, his brother informs him that their mom doesn’t live ymasou the herd all the time dub that she is probably in their former home in the forest.


You Are Umasou Part 1

Later Heart goes to hunt a Parasaurolophusleaving Umasou waiting him in the grass. As Heart is unable to live by eating plants and can’t sustain himself of berries, he travels outside the forest and into the plains to look for some food that he could eat; unfortunately he watches a Triceratops fighting a pack of Tyrannosaurusone of which is impaled by one of its horns and killed.

A newsman discovers he’s been rigged with umasok bomb after he has an exclusive interview with a terrorist who blew up a bridge. They face many challenges along the way to compete nationally, including a Echoes of the Rainbow Ichigo Aji Izetta: In order to protect his family, Heart accepts a duel with Baku, in which Baku uses normal Tyrannosaur attacks and movements and Heart displays quick martial arts kicks.

Our Shining Days Its a good watch for sure and I would probably want a sequel or a spin off show or something.

Omae Umasou da na (You Are Umasou) –

In panic Light yells to Heart to save umaspu, causing Gonza to wonder why a Maiasaura would take care of a Tyrannosaurus.

Share this Rating Title: A model attribution edit summary using German: If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. However, she changes her mind out of guilt of abandoning Heart and leaving him alone, so she decides to move from the herd and raise her children by herself.

The two have a very short fight, in which Heart wins by ripping a chunk off of Gonza’s neck.

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Audible Download Audio Books. A young man tries to get away from his family’s overwhelming power, but when he accidentally kills a local thug, his fate will be intricately linked to his father’s.

When their mother finds them, she grounds Light about what he says and he apologizes. On the way, as they cross Baku’s territory again, their first obstacle is Gonza, who wants to get revenge for everything that Heart did to him, and he wouldn’t let them pass until he’s dead. Then Baku appears, witnessing what Heart did, and decides to banish Heart as a punishment for beating others of his kind.


The series has spawned animated film ate anime adaptations. If you ever watched Land Before Time, that sentiment honestly felt so underwhelming. Pero Pero didn’t know at first that Heart was a carnivore, until the two met and got attacked by a Tylosauruswhich Heart kills by ripping off one of its flippers.

Umasou acts very loving toward Heart, but Heart remains emotionally distant to Umasou as he doesn’t know exactly how to deal with him. Years later, Light and Heart now live in the forest with their mother, where they would be safe from predators and free from the herd.

Umasou says that he knew this, but still considers Heart his dad, who is suddenly shoked and moved to hear that. While this time, Baku went to the meeting with Bekon and the old dinosaur start to discuss about the fact that Heart look like Baku at his age. In the Late Cretaceous Perioda female Maiasaura finds an egg and decides englsih the baby in the egg needs to be taken care of, so she adopts it as her own.

Exact name umasoi German article]]; see its history for attribution. Christian Bale is a bonafide A-list star, but he missed out on plenty of huge roles along the way. When she grew up, her father remarried. Umasou forms an attachment to Heart and a strange family bond develops between them.