I don’t want any drama or cliche romance plots -. K – English – Chapters: Sakura is just his bodyguard a very bad one, by the way. But while she’s home she takes a nosedive for the worse. But hey, it was still her first kiss! I’m really want to see more of Lemon and there she is. Or will they need to call in X egg professionals from Seiyo? I don’t think no one have confessed to it together just holding hands, I think Kashino will confessed to Ichigo later, the promise huh?

Just can’t resist her by Indy reviews She then whispered three words that Sky had only heard her say in his dreams. Now, Sakura thinks she’s falling in love with Syaoran, instead of Eriol Exhaustion, Fevers, Fainting and Nightmares. Unfortunately, she is in constant danger due to her powers, but luckily has a guardian destined to protecter her Keep doing what your doing, Johnny. She regrets every moment, but circumstances are compelling. Lost his charm completely to me:

Her eyes refocused on him, clear desperation mixed with lust in their depths, begging for him to take her beyond the limit.

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Hanabusa and Andoh leaving school was simply dumb. Return of the Cat Boy by vampgirl8 reviews This was my first fanfic. Poetry leads to love and kisses by Faery of Night reviews One shot. Part of The CherryBlossomFiles, although no lemon!

Story Story Writer Forum Community. But why is a woman in her twenties doing humeiro division? SPR takes on a case that doesn’t seem dangerous at all It just gives me that feel whenever he does one of his poses and the background thing comes up. Syaoran wants Sakura to do him a favor. Taking time off from school to gain more hands-on experience patissier each of their dreams is more practical than learning new techniques.


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And why is Naru so jealous of their client? That is, until he was forced to overcome his biggest challenge yet.

Just go along with it by Snavej reviews Considering that she was young, reasonably attractive and — according to her friends — a nice person, Taniyama Mai really had the worst love life. That is, until he meets Princess Sakura, who is under a curse forcing her to obey any command given to her.

But they don’t want to admit it. Yasuhara just rescued a floating body from the sea. The promise they talk about is the one of the last episode, right?

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Even if she no longer has the power to call him, Loke will not stay away. Although they do have a lot of fun and are very lovey-dovey, of course still not without trouble! Please Review Shugo Chara!

Michael saw Lucas mouth open revealing the inhuman teeth within, Sweet god this can t be! Green Eyed Goddess by Hyper Star Girl reviews There is a myth of a heavenly maiden that is sent in the form of a human to protect those on earth.

The new ending song was epic. Episofe liking this much better than the first one. Just you and me by Akihime93 reviews Naoki thinks he and Kotoko don’t get enough eplsode to be alone together, so he takes her on a trip for five days, to have fun, just the two of them.


Nice start to the second season. She wanted him to trust her and be able to confide in her, especially when it came to matters like these where he was sick and beaten up in a dark ally all alone.

But there is a price. But the thing is, all parties hurt are deep into the BDSM scene. My Star by iSnowX3 reviews Ikuto switches places with a lookalike to get a break from being famous.

Or maybe not depends on my grades! Not too happy with this turn of events.

Of course, the stereotypical American is annoying and is the rival for IchigoXKashino. I have also been getting into Chinese dramas as such! Syaoran Li was a man of missions. The only normal boy in this anime from season 1 is Kashino. Will there be epiosde people?

I loved the opening, and the ending was ok.